In the article about how to discuss a problem with a wife, we talked about ways you can discuss your relationship problem with a partner in order to avoid a quarrel with her or him and to obtain a lasting peace in the relationship. In this article, we will be talking about the possible common responses you will get from your spouse following such a problem and how you will handle them. Here are those responses and ways to deal with them.


1 Accepting that there is a problem

Accepting the fact that your relationship has a problem and that he or she has been looking for a way to improve the relation is one of the possible responses you may get from your wife after talking about a problem. You will definitely love this responses. It is great because you are about to make your marriage great after some turbulent period. However, you have to be very careful here. The acceptance of the fact does not mean that the discussion will go on smoothly. It also depends on the approach. When your spouse accepts the problem, you should focus on how to improve on the relationship rather than talking about how the problem started or who is at and who is not at fault. If you begin talking about the problem, you may end up quarreling with your wife.


2. Blaming you for the problem


If your wife start blaming you for what happened, you are still about to enhance your relationship. Normally, such a reaction can be annoying but there is no need to be annoyed with it because it is also an indication that you are about solving the problem. This is because such a reaction is an indication that your partner recognizes the situation. But you have to take a positive approach towards it or make good use of the situation. The way you handle the situation also matters a lot here. You should first listen to her or he. Don't interrupt your partner during this time he or she is blaming you. There is the tendency for you to start defending yourself immediately. This is not the best approach. It will only worsen the situation. Accept whatever he or she says that is true and never exchange word or start an argument even when the person is wrong. If you agree with the truth and refuse to argue, you will gradually get the peace you want.


3. Denying that there is a problem

You may be surprised to hear your partner deny what you said or the reality you are facing in your relationship. However, as usual, do not start any argument with him or her. What you have to do is to make her be aware of the problem. Calmly and gradually explain the problem to the problem. This response can be difficult to handle. You may start by talking about how you people will enhance the relationship or what your relationship is lacking. For example, if you are partner is not making out time to chat or have fun with you, you may tell her that there is a need for you people to spend time together having fun or chatting together. Let her know how such thing will enhance your relation.


Demanding for a divorce

This may come to you as a shock, but you should not panic about it. Definitely, the idea of divorce did not just come up in his or her mind just that moment you talked of the problem. The person has taught of it and has been looking for opportunity to demand for it. Don't be attacking or needy in your response but you don't have to commit to the divorce immediately. You can tell her that it might be the best thing but you have to still make sure that it is what is good for both of you. You should concentrate on initiating a communication in order to talk the problem over. If you succeed in talking it over, you have succeed in rebuilding your marriage.