Moving house and packing of your items in preparation for the moving can be very stressful. As you planning for your move, there is the tendency for you to forget a lot of things. In order to ensure that you don't make any mistake or forget important items, here are some points that you should take into consideration when you are packing your items.


Packing directly from the cupboard


When you are packing the items in your cupboard, it is advisable that you pack directly from rather rather than put its content on the floor before packing. If you empty the content on the ground, you will end up getting the floor congested and you may not have any space to keep your box. This will make packing difficult for you. Besides, there is the tendency of losing your item or getting useful or valuable items missed up with unwanted items or refuse.


Use wardrobe boxes

Packing can be time consuming especially when it comes to the packing of clothes. It may take you days to neatly pack your clothes. But you can save time by using wardrobe boxes. If you use wardrobe boxes, you will be able to save time as you will not be folding your clothes. Just hand them on the hanging bar provided in the wardrobe boxes. When you get to your new home, your clothes will be neat and free from creases. You don't have to re-iron them. Just transfer them from wardrobe boxes to your main box.


Use small box to pack heavier item

It may seen at first sight that heavier items should be packed in big boxes. This should not be the case. You should consider packing heavy items in small boxes. In this way, it will be easy for you to lift them and load to them to the truck for moving. If you pack them in smaller boxes, you will not require any assistance in order to load them. But the reverse will be the case if you use bigger boxes. If you are packing items of different weight in the same carton or box, then you have to place heavier items on the bottom and then lighter ones on top if you don't want to damage any of your item. If you place heavy items on lighter ones, it means that the lighter items will be bearing the weight of the heavier ones and they will definitely damage.


Think of unpacking

As you are packing, you should also be thinking of unpacking. Unpacking can also be very stressful but you can make it less stressful and easier by packing very well. There are different things you can do in order to make unpacking easier. Make sure that you pack items to be kept in the same rooms in the same boxes. Label them properly indicating where they will be kept. As you are bringing down from the truck, they will be taken immediately to the rooms where they will be kept. You should also keep items you will be used the night you move into your new apartment on the same box. In this way, you won't be looking for any item when you have not fully arranged your items.


Seal boxes very

After packing each item boxes with items, you have to seal it properly and strongly with tapes. In this way you will secure your items very well and prevent box or carton from opening while the truck is speeding to your new location. Use strong tape to seal round the carton making sure the opening is well sealed.