Many people do not know that perfumes are fashion accessories. They just see it as just ordinary fragrance that they can apply in order to smell good. However, the truth is that perfumes are fashion accessories and like other fashion accessories, there are some tips you should take into consideration when you are out there to buy it. You don't just enter into the market to buy any perfume you see. This is because you can irritate people or appear odd with the choices of perfume you make. It is therefore important that you have deep knowledge about perfume before enter the market to purchase it. Here are some important information to know about these nice smelling fragrances.

Perfume goes with age

For some women, any perfume in the market with nice fragrance is good to wear. But this is far from the truth. This is because perfume goes with age. A perfume that appeals to adolescents may not appeal to ladies in their thirties. As it has proven through studies, our sense of smell evolves and develops with age and this also affect our choices of fragrance. Young girls in their late teen age will prefer perfume with sweet smells. This does not just appeals to their sense of smell but also helps them to overcome their body odor. Such scents also suit their active lifestyle because they contain deodorant. But ladies in their ladies wear perfume in order to attract others. Such age group will prefer floral fragrances such as lily of the valley, jasmine, magnolia and others. They can go hungry in order to smell good as a means of gaining more compliments and attraction. Women in their thirties who are married will prefer cologne that will enable them to tantalize their men. They will also prefer high end cologne to show their level in the society. Women in their forties will require perfume with high concentration of perfume oil. This is because at this age, the olfactory nerves are becoming weaker. Fragrance that will be overpowering for younger women will appeal to them.


Various fragrance families

Another fact you should know about fragrance is that they are grouped. There basically four categories of fragrancies which include fresh, floral, woods and oriental fragrance. Fresh notes or fragrance are suitable for outdoor lovers. Examples of fresh notes are spring in the air, airy notes, light citruses and others. 


As implicit from the name, the floral fragrances are obtained from flowers. The scents include jasmine, orange blossom, carnation, gardenia, rose, tuberose, lily of the valley and others. They may be available as sweet or powdery form depending on the combination. The oriental class consists of notes that are bold, exotic and rich. They are very sensual and thus suitable for romantic outing and nighttime wear. If you are the flirting type, this type of fragrance should be great weapon to trap your prey. Woods class comprises moss and aromatic wood notes such as oak, cedar wood and sandalwood. They are normally found in men's cologne as the base note.


The above are some of the points you should know about perfume before you enter the market to search or shop for one.