Most married women today are employed. However, there are some women that are still housewife. A housewife is a married woman whose main duty is to carry out domestic function and manages the house. She does not look for employment in any other place. Traditionally, women are supposed to be housewives. However, in the contemporary societies, this is no longer the case. Most women are employed outside the home. Most of them combined their employment with domestic work. Here are some of the basic functions of a housewife.

Child care

Housewives that have children have the responsibility of looking after their children right from conception. They bath and dress their children and ensure that they have high body hygiene. They prepare their children for school, take them to school and bring them back from school. If they have several children, they look after them and stop fight and ensure that the children are at peace with each. It is their major task to cook for the family and feed their babies. When the children come back from school, they should ensure that they do their homework before playing or going to bed. They normally help them do the work to ensure that they get it properly. They normally read story books for their children before they sleep.

House cleaning

House cleaning is another major function of a housewife. This can be very tasking at time for some women especially if the family is very large. They will make sure that every room in their house including the rooms of their children are well cleaned every day. They carry out thorough cleaning of the house like beating carpets and washing curtains occasionally. Housewives, get their children’s room arranged, do laundry, mend their clothes and iron them. They buy new clothes for their children. If the family has a garden, it is also their duty to tend the garden.

Healthcare and companionship

Women look after their children when they are sick. In case they are injured at home during their play, housewives also administer first aid treatment to them. When any member of the family is sick, they take them to hospital for medical attention. They keep company with every member of the family. They remind the children of their birthdays and organise parties for them. They also put them to bed and kiss them good night.

Management of the family finances

Women that are housewives play important role in the management of their family’s finance with regard to making monthly budget for the family. They ensure that all monthly bills are paid on time. They do the monthly shopping and ensure that everything needed for the family nourishment is adequately provided. They manage the family spending wisely.  They carry out other secretarial function that will ensure peace in the house and smooth partnership with her husband.

A housewife is a perfect companion and manager of the house. The house is her major area of concentration.