Personal Development

The Goal of this website is to teach people how to excel in their Professional life, how to realize their true potential, how to bring out their inherent strengths, and above all how to remain motivated to earn more and fulfill their dreams. The site aims to provide an experience that would help you to realize the actual You and enjoy the journey of life with Full Confidence.

 This site will help you to understand the essence of Personal Development and apply its principals in various spheres of your Professional life. The site aims to invoke a thinking that not only preaches but also helps you to courageously follow through on them. It presents a practical way to approach various scenarios in life away from traditional and orthodox thinking that has influenced the human mind till now. This would essentially mean that we as human being take complete responsibility of our Beliefs, Personality, Career, Job, Growth, Finances, Relationship and Well Being. Our growth largely relates to the conduct in our environment and requires a complete assessment of our inherent abilities. This assessment gives us a Big Picture and helps us synchronize our actions to achieve a life which is rocking and the one which we desire deep inside our heart.


Personal Development requires a lot of unbiased effort from the core of your heart and your mind. It is a journey and not a short term goals that can be achieved within short time. This site will help you in your journey of Personal Development and would infuse in you a confidence that might have been missing till now. The articles would help you to solve complex problems and situations in your life and would answer many questions the answers of which have eluded you till now. The ideas in this site are derived through an assessment and subsequent analysis of the situation to present you with the most practical approach for any situation. Most of the ideas require a change in mindset and calling on your internal senses to deliver results which are quite outstanding.


The Main Sections in This Site are

1)     Personal Development– This relates to your Professional life. This site is very much serious about your success and presents an approach which is very much within your reach but has been unrecognizable till Now.

2)     Job Growth – I call it Job Hacks. Implement them in your daily life and you would find a dramatic change in your Personality. These are simple yet subtle but as potential to rock the world around you.

3)     Business and Management– This translates to affecting your abilities in your environment and getting maximum out of them. These are small changes which might look simple but have ability to make the Big Picture look better.

4)     Your Finance– I consider this part of Personal Development because Money constitutes important part of our life. Get smart about it and you would never have to repent later in your life.

5)     General – Something about my blog. Sometimes I do pick some general topics too but largely I try not to deviate from the focus of my site.


How to Start-

The best way is to Bookmark this site and to subscribe to either email or feeds. This will help you to remain updated with the best of articles apart from various offers which I plan to introduce from time to time. For Articles which are already available- You can go to Archives or individual section to read them one by one. Each topic of an article is different and wherever they relate to some other article I have linked them properly.

I am sure you would enjoy the content and style of writing. Also I hope your suggestions would keep flowing to help me improve this site.

I am not a Personal Development guru and I don’t intend to be but I believe in ideas that have changed my life and have the Potential to Change yours too.