Are you tired of applying makeup after you wake up from sleep or after sweating for some time? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should consider going for permanent makeup. As implicit from the name, it is a type of makeup that remains permanently on the body. If you apply permanent makeup, it means that you will carry on with all your daily activities, go to the gym, cook, go to work, swim, dance at the club and do any other thing without having any need to apply makeup again. The makeup remains permanently on your body. It is similar to a tattoo. With it you can get red lips, flattering eyeliner and perfectly shape eyebrows.

Cosmetic tattoo as it is also called can serve as a solution to women who have no eyebrows or who have faint eyebrows. You can apply it to give definition to your lip line or to reduce lipstick bleed. It is a good means of saying bye to lipstick or getting rid of lip scars.

Permanent makeup can also be done in order to improve the appearance of the nipple following the reconstruction of the breast.

How permanent makeup is applied

The process of applying permanent tattoo is similar to the process of tattooing. A needle is used by the professional giving the permanent makeup to penetrate the skin in order to release the pigment. One of the safety measures to apply is to ensure that the aesthetician utilizes sterilized tools and gloves.

Most importantly, you should verify the credentials of the artists to ensure that the person has the necessary expertise to carry out the procedures. Ask for referrals from the artist. You need to be strict in choosing your artist if you want to obtain good result and also to avoid infections.

When you have ascertained the credentials of the artist, you can go on with the procedure. However, some people are allergic to the pigments that are utilized for the procedure. So, to avoid suffering from any allergic reaction, you have to go through a patch test. If you were successful with the patch test, the procedure will continue.

You have to pick a color that will match with your skin. However, you should ask for the advice of the experts in this regard. The aesthetician will use a hollow vibrating needle to apply the color on your skin’s top layer. A droplet of the pigment is normally released anytime the needle penetrates your skin. As the needle penetrates your skin, it will create some holes where the pigment will be released. As the procedure is going on, you will feel a little bit stinging.

The color will not fade immediately to its permanent shade. It requires about three weeks for the permanent shade of the color to appear. Before this time, the tissue surrounding the area where it is applied will become swollen and red while the color will look shiny and dark. Apply antibiotic ointment in order to prevent infection.