We have different types of culture in the world. Different people follow different cultures according to their convenience and religion. Almost all of them have their own ideologies but one thing is common in all of them and it is the ideology of peace. Every culture promotes the peace in this world. No culture has ever supported the path of non-violence. The thing which differentiates them is the peace signs from different culture. Although, they all promote the ideology of peace, they all have a common preaching of peace but all of them use different symbols to do this, or to promote peace.


Peace is an unspoken sign which may be depicted in various manners across the cultures. There are number of peace signs from different culture that are being used extensively to show and promote peaceful activities. Some of them include the dove of peace, the olive branch, gesture of the letter V, four leaf flower, yin and yang and different colors denoting peace. 


Dove of peace- The Noah’s Ark or the dove of peace has found the traces of it in the traditions of a number of Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others. In the cultures like Christianity and Judaism, the dove is synonymous with peace and peaceful endeavors.


Olive branch- There is a famous story behind, once upon a time god was grieved by his own creation and that’s why decided to dissolve the mankind. He sent out flood for this purpose. There was a man called Noah who put an arch with an olive branch on the top of the mountain and been able to rescue his family and other animals. This was seemed to have permission by god to inhabit that one again. The motive is very clear and that is the hope of peace. The English phrase ‘extend an olive branch’ that means an offering of peace between men has been derived from this symbol. 


Gesture of letter “V”- One of the peace signs from different culture is a gesture of V, which comes from two fingers of a hand. When index and middle finger gets apart then this gesture is emerged and it is also known as victory sign. This sign is also a reflection of peace and it was first used in Vietnam wars.

Yin and Yang – Peace signs from different culture include one more sign and that is the use of yin and yang. This is a fundamental sign of Tao philosophical belief and it always gets associated with Confucianism. The Tao philosophy believes that everything in the world is divided into two segments, Negative and positive. Where negative means yin, positive power was supported by yang. Yin was always depicted by the color black whereas, yang had the white color. Taoist believes that a life can be a heaven only if there is a right balance between these two forces. The sign becomes a circle with a two color partition that symbolizes the interdependence of each other. This peace sign was originated in fifteenth century.


Four-leaf flower- Yet another addition to the peace signs from different culture is the four-leaf clover. It is been said that on being banished from the Garden of Eden, Eve, the first women on earth plucked a rare four-leaf clover and took that with her. One can easily find the three leaf clovers, but it is very difficult to find one with four leaves. Because the possibility of finding a four leaf clover is minimum, and not easy, this symbol derived another meaning of good luck.


There are some other signs as well. In India, white color is meant for peace. Even in funerals, people wear the white colored clothes which are totally opposite in western culture. There people wear black on such occasions to symbolize peace.


These are some of the peace signs from different culture. A deep study is required to know all the hidden stories behind. From the above discussion, it is very clear that people belonging from different cultures have their own way of sharing peace among them. But, it is also true that all the religions support the ideology of peace. This is always a great feeling to know that though we all are different for some reasons, but still we show our togetherness.

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