Parenting is not so easy. This is because you will not only take care of yourself as a parent, but you will also take care of your spouse and the kids as well. And every step a parent takes may have a far reaching effect which may be either positive or negative on the kids. Every parent is therefore recommended to be extra careful in relating with their children. This write up will examine some parental behaviour that may have serious negative effects on the future of a child as a leader.


Let’s be on the move…….

  • We never share the mistake we had in the past with the kids. Children generally love to do their own things in their own ways. The parents should allow them. But the parents can only provide guidance revealing your personal mistakes that you made as a parent who had passed through that age before. This will enable them to make good choices. They should also be prepared to take responsibilities for their actions.
  • Many a time, parents misrepresent influence, giftedness and intelligence for maturity. Somehow intelligence is used as a measure of maturity for a child. With regards to this, some parents think such child is ready for the world. In so many cases, it is not so. Giftedness in one area of life does not translate to all areas of life.
  • Parents never put into practice what they preach. The parents have a great responsibility to model or carve a life that we desire to have the children lead. The children learn so easily from the parents because at least they live together for a period of time before living alone. If parents cut corners, the kids will notice it and do same. If parents are morally good, the kids will notice it and imbibe it; and then return same to the society.
  • Parents often disallow the children to encounter and solve problems by themselves. When parents quickly swoop-in and overindulge the kids with amazing assistance, then the parents have removed the need for the children to experience hardship and solve their problems on their own. This kind of parenting style is short term, leaving the children to miss the greater point of being a leader – which is getting equipped and armed to solve problems without supervision.
  • Many parents have refused to tutor their kids to learn the realities of life. The children must know and be armed with the features or the realities of the world they are about to face as an independent individual. They should know that life is not a bed of roses. And that it is full of ups and a lot of downs. That in the eventuality of them fall, they should console themselves and be prepared to stand up and fight ahead to the winning spot. Kids without such skills will not be seasoned and conditioned to face life. And will therefore make a mess of his future as a leader.