Several people usually feel a lot of motion sickness when they are travelling by plane or ship. This is especially the case if they are travelling for the first time. If you had been drinking lots of water days before your travel day, this is highly reduced. However, it is always important to accompany yourself with some cloves of ginger or prepare ginger water before you leave. Ginger is known to be a very good remedy for nausea. During these times, the best thing after taking the ginger is to close your eyes and sleep.

Your position while in the plane or train is very important. You need to keep on changing the positions of your body parts as frequently as possible especially if it is a long journey. When in a plane, your movements are limited to only moving the body parts. You will not be able to just stand on the pass way. However, you can make some trips to the washrooms to relax your muscles. Keep on changing the position of your legs so as to prevent blood clots. In case you are travelling by train, after some time you can just stand on the pathway and be very flexible to allow you body to be rocked a little bit. Do not hold a firm grip. This is important for improving the circulation of your whole body.

It is not always appropriate to change your eating habits during the travel day. However, if you can do well with a heavy meal just before departure, do that. This is regardless of whether it is in the morning or not. Reduce eating as much as possible while you are on the plane. Frequent eating may bring about stomach upsets and conditions that will make you feel uncomfortable in the plane. You will also not have the peace of mind. The best snacks to eat while in the plane are fruits, fruit salads and fruit juices.

Water is good for keeping you hydrated during the journey. You should therefore ensure that you start drinking lots of water days before the day of the journey. This is to make your bladder to be used to accommodating lots of water hence comfort during the travel. Otherwise, if you just start drinking lots of water on the travel day, you may feel uncomfortable because you may be forced to keep on visiting the wash rooms. Most of stomach upsets are brought about by dehydration. This is also the same with headaches, being too much uneasy among others. You can keep yourself from all these by drinking lots of water before the journey and during the time when you are on the plane.

You will really be bored in the plane if you have nothing to do during these long hour journeys. Having some headphones that will be connected to a music device can keep you company during the journey. You can watch some Christian presentations from your computer or even listed to music of the genre you like most. You can also always accompany yourself with some story books, your bible or a research book for the project you are currently working on.