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Benefits of Having a Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse wedding is gradually becoming the order of the day. The number of people having courthouse wedding is on the increase on regular basis. Contrary to the thinking of many people, the reason for the growing popularity of courthouse wedding is not solely because it is compulsory in many nations. Besides that, many couples find it easier and more affordable to organize a courthouse wedding. There are other benefits that people drive from it which makes them to keep going for it. Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you organize your wedding in a courthouse rather than in any other place.

It is easy to organize

One of the advantages of having a courthouse is that it is very easy to organize. Organising a wedding ceremony in other venues can be very stressful because there are a number of things that you will be engaged with. You have to ensure that the venue is well decorated according to the color of the day after you have might have stressed yourself in getting a venue for the wedding. But there is no such thing in a courthouse wedding. You don't need to decorate the courthouse or to get the seat arranged. All you need to do is to fill the necessary form and schedule a date for the wedding in the court. You are done with the preparation. The next thing is to go straight to the wedding. Since you don't spend much time organizing the wedding, you will have much time to spend with your spouse.

The wedding does not involve much ceremony

A courthouse wedding does not take much time to be completed. Courthouse wedding is a legal procedure which does not involve any rituals or much ceremony as it is the case in religious wedding ceremony or wedding ceremony in any other place. Within thirty minutes, the whole ceremony will be over. This means that you will have enough time to take shots, dance and enjoy a hearty lunch with your guests and friends.

It is high affordable

Just as it does not take time to organize, it also does not involve much expenditure. You save money on a lot of things like renting a banquet hall, decorating it, getting the seats arranged and well decorated and other logistics. But this is not the case here. So, you will save a lot of money if you have your wedding ceremony in a courthouse. This also means that you will have enough money for your honeymoon.

It offers an intimate setting

Courthouse wedding does not require crowd or involve many people. It is just you, your spouse and a couple of relatives, friends and loved ones. So, the small setting makes it more intimate than other setting.

There is no discrimination

A courthouse wedding is purely secular. So, every invitee is welcome during the wedding regardless of the person's faith, state, color and tribe. Nobody will be refused entry into the courthouse in so far you act within the space allowed by the law. Besides, unlike religious wedding, any person can wed in the court. Nobody is turned down.


Tips on How to Get Married at a Courthouse

One of the most beautiful and memorable events in one's life is getting married. However, organizing a grand wedding ceremony is always expensive as a lot of things are involved. But if you like, you can always do your wedding without spending much money and yet it will be fantastic and memorable. Having a court wedding is one of the ways of having a short but sweet wedding ceremony. If you are looking to organize a courthouse marriage, here are some steps to follow.

Obtaining a marriage license

The first thing that you should do is to obtain a marriage license. There are two main ways of getting courthouse marriage license. You can obtain it offline or online. If you want to obtain it online, just go to the website of your county and look for the probate. Under it you will find marriage license and then click on it to download the form. When the form is downloaded, fill the pdf form and submit. If you want to obtain the license offline, the county probate court is always open during the weekday. Go to the office and obtain your license.

Make the required payment

There is always a fee that is applied for the courthouse wedding ceremony and even for the license. The charge differs from state to state and so, find out what the cost is in your state and make the payment. Another factor that determines how much you will pay is whether you have completed the mandatory premarital educational program or not. You will pay more if you have not undertaken the course.

Gather all the necessary documents

There are some documents that you are required to provide during the ceremony. Such documents include your birth certificate, government approved photo identification, proof of termination of previous marriage if any  and marriage license.

Provide the witnesses

Witnesses are normally required in every marriage whether in court or in the church or mosque. The number of witnesses required in courthouse marriage is always particular to each state. So, before the wedding, you should find out the number of witnesses required in your state and then provide them. You and your witnesses are also required to sign the marriage license.

Schedule the date for the wedding

The last stage in the preparation of a courthouse wedding is to schedule the wedding ceremony. Meet the necessary authority in the court and make appointment for the wedding. There are some court that allows walk-in ceremonies. So, find out if that is allowed in your state.

The above tips are for courthouse wedding in the US.

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