Noise pollution which is also known as noise disturbance is type of pollution or disturbance in the environment as a result of excessive noise which is grave enough to prevent concentration, disturb human activities and cause imbalance in animal and human life. Noise pollution is of two types, namely, outdoor noise and indoor noise. Outdoor noise as implicit from the name is a type noise pollution that comes from outdoor sources such as transportation systems, machines, aircraft, automotives of various types and others. It is also known as environment noise. One factor that can worsen outdoor noise is the planning of the urban areas. For example, if there is a cluster of industrial and residential buildings, it results in environmental noise pollution.

The second type of pollution is known as indoor noise pollution. It is a type of noise pollution emanating from inside of a house. There are a number of factors that can result in indoor noise. Such factors include music, shouting and crying of children, household machines and home activities. B

It is not every type of sound emanating outside or inside can be referred to as noise pollution. Some sounds are in fact pleasing and healthy. However, a sound can be referred to noise pollution when constitutes a distance or disturbance to human beings and animal or disrupts human activities such as sleeping, reading, resting, conversation and others. It sound that affects the general quality of health a person or the life of many people can be referred as noise pollution no matter the source. Since human beings differ in their concentration, a sound may constitute noise pollution to one person but to another person. Some people are able to concentrate, read and understand what they are reading when music is playing even at the highest level of their music set. But some other cannot concentrate or read and understand music is playing even at the lowest level of the volume.

Noise pollution does not only affect concentration, it can also cause some health problems. It may result in loss of hearing especially if one is subjected to high noise. It can also result in tinnitus, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and medical conditions.

Besides health problems, noise disturbance can also result in physical combat as it can result in annoyance which can result in assault. This is common among students and school children living in hostel. Noise pollution does not only affect man, it can also affect the wildlife and marine life. It can result  in the death of both marine and wildlife.

There are no generally accepted methods of reducing noise disturbances as there are different kinds of noise. How to reduce noise pollution depends on the cause. For example, better urban planning is a veritable means of reducing noise pollution in the urban areas.