The internet technology has added value to the doing of business in the contemporary era. Today, there are a number of software applications which various industries can use in order to effectively run their business and generate more revenue. OMS which is an acronym for order management system is one of such business software applications. It can be used by different businesses for various purposes. It offers a lot of advantages to the businesses using it such as making it possible for retail businesses to integrate, automate and streamline order processing. Before taking a look at how this software will be relevant to your business, it is pertinent to know what it is.

What is OMS?

Order management system is a type of business software developed for easy, cost effective and efficient management of orders and inventories in real-time. The software fuses all aspects of a business into one operating channel. It automates order management, provides complete visibility into sales, increases the volume of sales and reduces costs.

Features of OMS

  • In the first instance, OMS is a multi-channel sale system. This means that the solution makes it possible for small and medium enterprises to sell their products and services in many platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Magenot and By selling in these different platforms retailers using OMS will be able to increase their sales because consumers would be able to order from different platforms.
  • As an omni channel retailing software system, OMS improves the consumer’s experience by making it possible for them to place their orders through a number of shopping channels including the internet, mobile applications, online catalogs, POS machines and many others. In other words, the software takes care of the needs of various shoppers including online, mail order and brick-and-mortar shoppers. It also helps them to get order status and delivery information easily.
  • The software works fine and it is not difficult to be used. The ease with which it integrates with the various shopping platform is quite amazing. The dashboard contains all the buttons through which you can access the various shopping channels. If you want to generate a report from a particular channel, all you have to do is to identify the button for the channel on the dashboard and click on it. The report from the channel will appear on the screen for your evaluation. In this way, you will be to evaluate all the channels and know which one generates the highest volume of sales and vice versa.
  • Easy management of orders from various channels is one of the things that users of OMS will enjoy. Order management can be very challenging and difficult especially when it is done manually. It can also be time consuming. You need to take record of all orders coming from various platforms. At the end a detailed report of all orders will be generated. However, with OMS, this complex process of order management will become very easy. The software automates your order management. You can generate detailed information of all orders from various shopping platforms just within few minutes at the click of the mouse.
  • OMS makes shipping process easy. First, the software helps retailers to avoid late delivery of orders. With the software, it will be easy for retailers to get record of all orders on time and make them available at the time of shipping. After the shipment of merchandise orders, users of OMS will be able to generate a detail report confirming shipment of orders. All necessary information about the shipment will be contained in the report. The report will indicate the shipment method, carrier code, tracking-number and carrier name.
  • Taking of inventory is another difficult and time consuming task in the doing of business. Poor inventory taking can have a damaging effect on a business. You need to regularly update your stock and know when to order for a particular item. This can be very time consuming and tedious. However, OMS makes inventory management easy. Once a sale is made and the order is shipped, the system will automatically take stock of the remaining items. So, you do not have to sweat checking your goods one by one in order to know what and what have been sold. Everything is done automatically by OMS.