It goes almost without saying that we all want to achieve optimum health and wellness so as to live longer, healthier and of course happier lives. But like you may have already guessed, such achievementsoften come at a price. You have to developregular wok out programs, quit some habits and stick to some eating habits that may not be so pleasing to you. Most of us know all these things but we often ignore them and go on with one or two habitsthat we know well are unhealthy. Then before weknow it, weight gain is imminent. Consider these tips if thingshavealready gone out of hand and you seem to be between a rock and a hard place.

Generate health from the inside out

You may not know it but each one of us holds within, energy levels needed to create perfect health. If these energy levels can be used as catalysts for healthy evolution of the soul, then perfecthealth and wellness can be easily achieved. You just have to make a consciousdecision to lead a life that is purely holistic. This simply mans that each time your health is failing you, do not just go for general treatment for the ailments, symptoms or a condition. Instead, seek less invasive means that can get to the root of the problem and get rid of it. In the process, you may find out that the problem does not lie within the body but outside it. Therefore, by approaching your health with the intention of tactfullyunlocking the hidden mysteries of the soul, youwill allow every conscious breath that you take to become a spiritual practice. Thepractice will then result to a vibrant, dynamic health.

Create lasting good habits

This one speaks for itselfalthough it is a matter of easier said than done.  Some habits aredetrimental to our health while others can facilitate optimum healthand wellness withinjust a few months or days of beingincorporated to the life of an individual. It all stars with what you eat and drink and how often you eat and drink certainfoods and drinks. So make sure that your meals arealways balanced, full of fruits and green leafy vegetables and with adequate amounts of water. Doctors recommend that six to eight glasses of water daily is appropriate. Exercise daily if you have the time. If you do not, take awalk from work or just jogaround in the evening, take the stairs instead of the elevator and remember t to avoid stress at all times.


Overcome traumas that caused weight gain


 The loss ofa loved one, a job or even friendship can make one feel depressed. The depression can then lead to unhealthy eating habits which can facilitateweight gain and make you susceptible to cardiovasculardiseasesassociated with excess weight. Seek the help of a psychologist to help you overcomethetrauma.

Stop self sabotaging behavior

Some behaviors like excess alcoholconsumption and smoking often turn out into severe addictions. As such, you just have to quit such habits. Draw your boundaries and keep off companies that can make you go on with the self sabotaging behaviors.

Quit smoking

This one is also self explanatory but hard to observe. Start but reducing the number of packs you do daily, then the number of sticks. Eventually, you can go a day without smoking.If you cannot do it on