One cannot debate the importance of games in one’s life. Games, whether indoor or outdoor, come as a welcome means as they develop a lot many aspects in one’s personality. Like any other games there is an importance of one minute indoor games too. Not because they are short and sweet but because of the excitement that is attached with them. So lets go through the list and see what suits your taste.


List Of One Minute Indoor Games – The Significance Of It:

Indoor games play a very special role, as not always it is possible to adhere to an outdoor sport or activity and at such times indoor games give you the benefits in the vicinity of your familiar surroundings. Usually, apart from amusing oneself indoor games generally help in building concentration, focus and attentiveness. Though there is no dearth of indoor games options when planning to go through one, but the ones those are short and quick are more attractive and interesting to play. If the time span is limited to one minute it makes it all the more exciting and fascinating. The fun increases more as we try to develop a list of one minute indoor games -it gives our imagination quite a joy ride. Below is a list of one minute indoor games which are fun, interesting and skill building too.


Let us browse over the list of one minute indoor games which would help in your growth by building up your absorption power, patience and team-work spirit and also act as a splendid way to relax.


1.      Shooting or ringing-in the objects:

What can increase the concentration and focus more than the games like shooting or ringing the objects, when considering the list of one minute indoor games? The objects to shoot can be balloons or eyes and the objects to ring-in can be small toys or empty boxes of soaps or any small plastic objects or small containers lying around the house. The beauty of this fabulous game is that it can be played indoors and also restricted to the one minute span. This game can be played amongst two partners also but more the partners, more the fun as it increases the competition and the fun.


2.      Picking up Sticks:

This is a entertaining game, in the list of one minute indoor games, which can be played with chopsticks or by thin sticks of equal length; say around 8-10 inches. The sticks can be coloured in different colours each colour denoting different points. Now the timer could be set to a minute. The game begins by one member holding all the sticks in a fist and releasing the sticks on a table top from around a distance of a foot. The sticks would get scattered on the table top. The game is to pick up the maximum number of sticks without moving the other sticks. Each member would have to do so within a minute. After the timer’s up, the one that has the maximum sticks can be considered as the winner. This is a fun game which leads to rolls of laughter and excitement and becomes quite addictive.


3.      Picturing a favourite actor or a much-loved personality:

When thinking about the list of one minute indoor games, this one game can be very engaging and interesting. It can be a great game to increase your memory and focus. The game begins by deciding on one or more personalities. Within a minute you are required to pen down or utter the maximum details about the personality in question. Variations can be applied to this one minute indoor game by putting on focus the personal issues or the professional achievements of a celebrity. It can also be varied to cover up some important piece of news or happening and thus help in knowledge enhancement.


4.      How well you know your partner?

This game forms a very exciting one and ranks ahead in the list of one minute indoor games. The reason what makes it so appealing and interesting is that it can be played on all fronts; i.e., it can act as a fun game for couples, romantic partners, office mates, friends or even foes.  The game would be that within a minute you are required to detail the points about your partner. The motive behind this will be to know how well you know partner or your partner’s preferences or attitude on a particular incident or topic. The game can be played over and over amongst the same partners by changing the question areas.


5.      Altering a movie or a book:

This too makes an extraordinary game which can increase your imaginations, when you are trying to go through a list of one minute indoor games. The game is well suited for all age groups. The amount of fun and the scope where you can spread your imaginations undoubtedly depends on the age and versatility of members of the game. Before starting the game decide on a book or a movie, and brief it out to the audience as it is originally. Now once the game begins you are required to alter some important scenes or the plot or the climax according to your imagination. The more vivid your imaginations the more interesting the game can be.


Figuring out more games to add to the list of one minute indoor games can also be a splendid way to relax. So try to delve into the ones stated above and devise more to add to the list of one minute indoor games according to your likes and preferences.

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