Before a relationship breaks up, there are signs that will first emerge. Break up does not just happen like that. You must be sensitive to know the signs that your relationship is about to crash. This sensitivity will allow you to take appropriate measures to tackle the menace and stay in the relationship or you find your way as well. It will also enable you to avoid treading on the path that will make the sign to re-emerge.

Signs to watch out for

1. When your partner does not put a phone call to you again. When you notice that your partner has been deviating or has completely stopped calling your phone, it is a bad omen. For an instance, you may use to receive like seven phone calls in a day. But when you notice any persistent reduction or no call at for some time with some irrelevant excuses, know that the relationship is on the brink of collapse.  

What you should do: Once you notice this sign with untenable excuses for not calling as usual, the next thing to do is to engage your partner in a discussion to know his or her mind. If you sense that it’s like he or she doesn’t want the relationship, and then make yourself less available too. Allow this to go for a while until nobody calls each other again so that uncomfortable discussions and emotional trauma can be averted.

What you should not do: Do not engage in begging or calling on phone and hanging on him unnecessarily. That is an immature way of dealing with it. You can only take a horse to the stream; you cannot force the horse to drink. If your partner feels within himself or herself that you are not the right person for him or her, there very little or nothing you can do.

2. When your sex pattern suddenly changes. When you notice that your frequency of sexual activity is on the decrease, you had better swing into an action before it is too late. Although there may be several reasons for this declination, it may be due to stress at work or health related problem. He or she may be tired of the old school sexual styles.

 What you should do: Make sure that there is no problem in between both of you. Dress smarter than ever making use of some very attractive perfumes. Invite him over to your place and if possible make some passes at him or her. In addition to this, do away with all manners of old school ideology. Get a book on sex positions and read it. Treat him or her well in bed with the latest sex positions.

What you should not do: Never try to engage him in direct confrontation at least at first. It may push some men off. This may cause him or her to retire into his or her den. Explore all options before candidly and quietly with respect engage him in direct discussion.