If you are moving office, it is important to get your staff involved in the process especially those that are in key positions in your office. It is recommendable that you constitute a planning team picking at least one person from each department in your businesses. Individual staffs have some contributions to make for the smooth and successfully relocation of your office. Involving your staffs especially those that will continue with you will be of great benefits to your business. Since they are the people that carry out your business operations, they exactly what they need and how things are supposed to be done for the good of your business. In the light of the above, they can make sound impute. Besides, getting involved is a veritable means of saving money. Here are the various ways your individual staffs will be of help in your relocation process.


Responsibilities of your individual staff


Organization and cleaning of their files

Each staff handling any documents and files of your business be charged with the responsibility of cleaning and organizing the files in preparation for packing. Since, the person is managing the files and documents, the staff will be in a better position to clean and organize it. In this way, he or she will not begin to look for any important files in the new office. Secondly, the person knows files that are very important and files or documents that should be discarded or disposed off. If you charge them with that responsibility, they will be able to sort out useful files and documents from the ones that will be disposed off.


Cleaning up of their working tools, desk, chair, storage units and common areas

You don't need to hire labour to clean up the desk, working tools, storage units and common areas of your staffs. Under normal circumstances, they are supposed to keep their working tool clean and in good working condition. This is an opportunity for any staff who has not been keeping his or her working tools clean to do that. It is not only their equipments, they should also keep their desks, chairs, storage units and floor space very clean. By so doing, you will be cutting cost on labour.


Cleaning and removing of personal belonging

Some staffs normally bring their personal belongings such as laptops, briefcase, makeup box and others to work. Before you start packing your office items, you should ask them to send all their personal belongings home. In this way, it will not be confused with your office equipment. Secondly, sending them home before the packing day will help to avoid damages and breakages that may occur during packing. For example, if a person leaves his laptop in his or her workplace and the screen is broken, he will have no person to blame. He takes the blame and no compensation will be made unless it was not announced. To avoid such incidence, you have to announce it so that they will take their items home.


If you can follow the above steps, you will cut cost on cleaning as well as on packing. There will also be less damages. No important files will be lost.