Moving an office can be confusing to some people because it involves a lot of work. Some people moving office sometimes get confused about what to do, where to start and how to go about it. You don't have to be confused about anything. Here are some steps to follow during the planning stage of office relocation.

Take inventory
You should begin you planning stage by taking inventory of all the goods in stocks and items you have in your office storage facility as well in the various departments in your office. As you are taking inventory, take note of items that are still in good condition and are useful to you which you may likely relocate with and items that are no longer useful to you.

Disposal unwanted items
Office relocation is a time to make some changes in your office equipment. It is an opportunity to get rid tools that are no longer useful in your office. So, you have to dash out items that you will not be relocating with. Alternatively, you can sell them in order to recoup some of your expenses.

Planning your office space
This is a very crucial step in the planning stage of your office relocation. As it was mentioned above, office relocation is an opportunity for you to make some changes in your office. You should make your workplace to look better than it was before. Some of the areas to plan are the desk areas, lunch rooms, private offices, communal work spaces, first aid room, kitchens, coffee areas, storage areas, meeting rooms, library/book storage, coat closets and other parts of the office. All locations are very important and none of them should be overlooked. You should ensure that the areas of the building meets accessibility and legal requirements of your locality.

Washroom, toilets and showers
There is the tendency to overlook these areas but they are highly important and thus should not be overlooked They are convenient areas for your staffs and clients. You have to ensure that they are built with the best of materials. However, you should also ensure that meet the building requirements of your home.

Security is a crucial issue in the doing of business. So, you have to ensure that your new office is well secured. You have to make arrangements for installation of various security gadgets such as surveillance cameras, security alarm system and other. Don't forget to protect your new office against fire by installing fire alarm. Also buy fire extinguishers and keep in many strategic places in your office. Most businesses concentrate so much on security against human beings forgetting security against microorganisms like mould and insects like termites that can eat up files and wood materials. So, secure your item against that.

Organise orientation session for your staff

Before you staffs start coming to work in the new office, you should organize orientation course for them to help them get acquainted with the new office and equipments available in them. They will be able to handle new machines that were introduced during the relocation.