The process of office relocation is a very delicate and risky one. It can bring enough benefits to a business but at the same time it has some its downsides. It can cause some hazards which have some health implications. So, when you are moving office, it is important that you anticipate these hazards on time and make plan for them so that if they occur, you will be able to handle them well. You can only handle them very well if you anticipate them. Below are some of the hazards that has some health implications that you should anticipate when relocation your office its current location to another place.

Trip and fall hazards
Trip and falls hazards are among the commonest hazards that normally occur during office relocation. There are a number of factors that can cause that. One of the factors that can cause trip and fall hazards is obstruction of the passage or entry way. When you are packing and arranging your office item in preparation for the move, it is important that you make keep the entryway or doorway free of any obstruction. In fact, as a rule of the thumb, you don't have to pack anything in the entry way especially if it is narrow. In this way, there will be no possibility of blocking entryway. The danger of packing things in the entryway is a somebody can mistakenly hit his or her leg against articles.

Trip and fall hazard can also result from faulty tools such as trolley. If you are loading items to a truck with a trolley, you should ensure that the machine is in a perfect condition. Check that the items loaded unto the trolley are well tied and accommodated in the space provided so that they will not fall out from the trolley. In order to prevent such falls, the trolley should not be overloaded. Forklift is another machine that can be used during office relocation. It can be used to load heavy items unto the truck. It makes loading very easy and fast. However, it can be very risky and dangerous to work with a faulty forklift. Each forklift has its capacity in terms of the maximum load it can carry. Don't tied more than it should lift to it. Ensure that the items are properly tied before lifting starts.

Inhalation hazards
Inhalation hazards are the commonest which can occur under any workplace situation. It can be caused by microorganism such as mold, dust mites and others. It can also be caused by dust particles as well as debris that have accumulated over the years on items parked in the closet. Files and documents kept in the drawers can also accumulate dust and debris overtime. During relocation as the files and documents as well as items in the closet are being packed, the dust particles are escaping into the air and the staffs are exposed to them. They can cause painful symptoms such as sneezing, running nose, difficult breathing (for those suffering from asthma) itchy and irritated eyes and others.

You have to guide against such hazards by providing your staffs with protective gears. Before handling such files, you have to provide them with hand gloves, goggle, overall wear and disposable half mask respirator if there is mold in the place or just disposable particulate respirator. It is important for the overall wear to be machine washed especially if the packing and cleaning job will be completed in more than a year.

The above are some of the hazards to anticipate.