Nice Words To Describe Feelings

Words are the mirrors of human mind. Words give shape to our feelings. There are words and then there are nice words to describe our feelings. Words can express our thoughts. Words facilitate communication. Words convey your emotions. Words can hurt, words can heal. Words can touch, words can feel. Words can reveal your culture; words can make your future. Words speak your attitude; words can decide your latitude.

Words and languages are the harbinger of human evolution. Nice Words bear direct fallout of human endeavor to better its kind. Nice Words used to describe feelings have brought the humanity closer.  Words have facilitated the exchange of knowledge. Words have made it possible for the humans to understand each other. 

On an individual level, words take up a different importance. Words are very critical and delicate aspect of human relationship. Words can establish, and at the same time can break a strong bond between humans. Words that we use can create our impression at workplace and make or break our career. And there is a reason to differentiate between words we use and the nice words to describe the feelings that could have been used.

We use different words at different situations. However, we need to know the proper words that fit in those situations. As words can achieve different meanings in different context, we must understand the delicacy and importance of the words, and use them judiciously. Here we try to suggest the words that should be used in different situations.

·                    In Love: If you are in ‘love’, the most important word that must overflow every time is, obviously, ‘love’. You must tell the other person how much you ‘love’ him/her. Just actions, hugs, glances are not sufficient, words hold the key. You must express your ‘love’ through words. Tell the person why you ‘like’ and ‘adore’ him/her. Tell him/her that you ‘care’ and ‘long’ to ‘be with’ him/her. You must tell that you ‘enjoy’ his/her company and that he/she mean ‘the world’ to you. You should be ready to ‘do anything’ to make the ‘valuable’ relationship last ‘forever’ and ever. It is imperative to use suitable and nice words to describe your feelings.

·                    In Friendship: A ‘good’ friendship is as good as being in love, but the major difference is that friendship is less delicate to handle. In a friendship you can be outspoken and express feeling pointblank. You must ‘love’ the positive qualities of your friend, at the same time you must tell your friend what you ‘dislike’ about him/her. Suggest what your friend needs to do in order to ‘improve’ and ‘do better’ in life. You must always ‘support’ your friend and ‘be there’ ‘come what may’. Using nice words to describe feelings can be soothing and can do wonders in your relationship.

·                    In Family: Family members ‘share’ all the feelings and whatever comes their way. In order to maintain the family relations strong, you must ‘love’ other members, ‘like’ the way they are, ‘care’ for them and ‘help’ them anytime. A family must teach and share ‘values’, seek ‘advice’ and ‘respect’ each other. A family must ‘support’ each other to stay ‘together’. Use these nice words and you would see the difference for yourself.

·                    In Neighborhood: Your neighborhood is your second family. You must ‘respect’ your neighbors, say ‘hi’, ‘hello’ every time you see them. Also ‘help’ them in need and ‘thank’ them for whatever ‘cooperation’ they offer. We must ‘talk’ to our neighbors regularly and improve ‘understanding’. These are the nice words you can use to describe you feelings that would enhance your community bonding too.

·                    In Workplace: ‘Hello’ and ‘hi’ filled with a lot of energy and positivity shall be your opening words every time you meet your colleagues, followed by a warm ‘good morning’. Do remember to address your superiors with a tinge of respect added to these words. In workplace, you should be ‘willing’ to ‘cooperate’, ‘coordinate’ and take ‘responsibility’.  These words are not only nice but powerful too and if used judiciously they can help you strengthen bonds with fellow workers.

·                    If you are angry: We do get angry at times, whether in relationship, family or at workplace. At first ‘honestly’ you must express that you are ‘angry’ because you ‘did not like’ something or the behavior was ‘disgusting’ or ‘disappointing’. ‘Warn’ the person ‘not to repeat’ the behavior and ‘suggest’ a solution. At the same time do not ‘forget’ to ‘forgive’. Remember, it’s the words counts and you need to control your emotions so that nothing but nice words should come out to describe your feelings.

·                    If you hate someone: It is indeed difficult to tell someone that you hate him/her. The best thing is to be ‘honest’ and pinpoint particular habit or behavior that was ‘annoying’. Tell the person why you ‘dislike’ him/her and ‘frankly’ decide to ‘amend’ the ways or ‘do not meet again’.

·                    In a breakup: If the break up is ‘inevitable’, be ‘honest’ with your ‘compulsions’ and decide to ‘part the ways’. The relationship may be ‘leading to nowhere’ or you may be ‘feeling stuck’. Ask to ‘excuse’, ‘forget’ what has happened and ‘move ahead’. When the relationship is ending it makes sense to pull the last straw with nice words rather than hatered.

·                    If you want to appreciate: Certainly, there are many ‘good’ things happening around us. You must ‘congratulate’ the person and ‘appreciate’ the efforts put in by him/her. Any ‘good work’ ‘deserves’ ‘success’ and must get ‘applause’. Wish the person ‘all the best’ for the future. Relate to person with nice words and it will give real meaning to their hard work too.

·                    If you want to motivate: We often need to motivate our family members or colleagues ‘to do better’. There is always ‘next time’, and ‘better efforts’ will give ‘better returns’. Everybody ‘can do it’ if he/she decides to ‘concentrate’ and ‘work hard’. Such is the power of nice words that they can extract maximum from people beyond their abilities.

In short, remember that words do matter. Whenever you want to describe your feelings, use only the words that matter and covey precisely what you want to say. It is better to be quite than use wrong words and convey wrong message.

In general, intersperse your language with plenty of ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ and do not miss to say ‘Sorry’ wherever appropriate. In case of any doubt, refer the above guide.  This is a great list of nice words to describe your feelings and I am sure you will make best use of it.


Picture- Elliott Fusy-Pudal

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