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You like a girl in your life but wondering what to say to her or start the conversation. You might already be in a talking terms but wondering what nice things you can say to a girl or women so that it puts a great impression on her. The last post by Amit10 Nice Things To Say To Someone focused on areas that can be talked about and the nice things that get covered in it. But girls are different. Girls have always been different. She might get impressed by simplest of things or it can take a real hard work even to get her slightest attention. And the only chance you have is the words you choose and the tone you use.

Girls are considered to be the best perks for every guy. The only reason is because the girls are sweet, lovable and understandable. The guys always love to hang out with them for pleasure. So, when you get stuck up for a moment with the girl you like, try to take a move as all are not lucky to get such chance in their life. Now, the most important thing comes is to create a good impression and a mood while you are with her. Initially, you can start with the sweet talks with her and later on, can take a move in the romantic manner.

You are very pretty. Every girl would like to hear the compliments for herself. But, you need to tell her very gracefully and in a normal manner. This can help her to start thinking about you. If you are saying this on a spur-of-the-moment, it would have a special effect on her.

I feel I am in love with you. This is a very common line but, when said with a deep feeling, it might surely ride her nuts. With patience, you can also make her understand the reason of your feeling for her. Gradually, she might also develop a feeling for you as well if she falls in love with you. But, all this should be done only after you feel that you have been a good friend of her.

Alright then take care. Such type of concern is required while you are departing each other for a time-being. Women are always touched by simple but truly touching gestures of care.

You can be one of the sweetest guys of the world if you have a feel to say romantic things to a girl. Every guy cannot be mushy and corny at the time of love. But, understand very well that you need to be soft spoken and kind to win the love of a girl you like. Here are some of the romantic things which you can represent to a girl to make her feel special.


You are always in my thoughts. Thinking about a person means that person has taken a deep place in your mind and heart. So, nothing can be as romantic as you tell to a girl you like that you are always thinking about her. If someone tells you like this even in a normal way, then also it will be very overwhelming for you. This makes you feel that you are so important for that person. So, try to make a point to tell her that you are always in my thoughts.


Your presence makes me feel very happy. Just imagine that you will be happy if you see your loved one happy. With patience, make her feel that she is of great importance to you. Once she starts thinking that she is a part of your life, she will automatically shower happiness on you directly or indirectly.


You are very beautiful by heart and sensually. Telling such things to a girl will make her blush a lot. Thinking this sentence in a positive manner will make her feel that you really understand her deeply by heart and truly love her more than her outer beauty. This line will not only be a compliment for a girl but, also for the feeling and respect that you have for her.

At the time you are exploring your feeling of love for a girl you like, it is also very necessary to make her feel happy with you. Make her moments memorable when she is with you which will help her to think about you more deeply. This can be done at any time depending on the situation when you are with a girl. In some cases, it happens that a girl fall in love with you just by your jolly nature. It is not a matter of all the guys to have a characteristic of regular sense of humor. Here are some things that make a girl laugh and happy and get attracted towards you.

While you are in the middle of the relation with a girl of your liking, you can sometimes ask a question to her to show the shortest way to reach to her heart because you have been lost in the middle way in her eyes. So, provide the signals to reach to her heart. You can immediately notice her with a lovely smile and a blushing face.

To show your sense of humor, you can ask a simple question to the girl that “do you know that there has been modification in the two alphabets to a new one?” You will receive a counter question from her that “which is this alphabet or what has been modified?” so, your response will be that “U and I have got joined with each other”.

If you are walking with a girl and want to make her laugh, then you can ask a simple question like “does your legs feel tired and weak?” When she replies you that why are asking her such question, then reply her that you have been constantly running in my mind and heart day and night.

You will have different phases or situations in which you would like to say good things to a girl. You can skyrocket your sense of humor by trying any of the above ways and make the girl fall in your love. These are simple nice things to say to a girl. Take your Pick and see what work best for your Girl. Good Luck!!

This Post is Written By Khushboo Sheth

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