It is just amazing that how small things affect our lives and how we are completely ignorant about them. Meaning of Numbers holds a true potential in our lives but at the same time we completely fail to recognize its importance. Our day starts with numbers and it ends with numbers. Every minute of our life revolve around numbers and they hold the potential to change our lives too. The meaning of numbers is so deeply embedded that a small focus on it has the capability to change our lives for the better. Start to work on the meaning of numbers and what you have a real truth that surround and influence our lives.


The instant reaction I had when I got to interface with real meaning of numbers is “How could I miss such an important thing?”. Yes it happens and it happens with each one of us. We remain ignorant for most part of our lives and when the truth come bare in front of us we cannot help but think that how such facts remained hidden from us for much part of our lives. Numbers and their meaning is subject to our interpretation and how skillfully we play around with them determines how successful we become in our lives.

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Let’s be straight now and talk about meaning of numbers and what pointers they throw on us to unravel its true potential


Everyday the numbers mean something to us


1) The day starts with a definitive date

2) We reach for work at definitive time which again is number

3) People contact us by calling our number


Moving a step ahead


1) The money we make is a number

2) The purchases we do is again gets settled in numbers

3) The luxury we posses again gets quantified in numbers


Still a step ahead


1) Our birth date is a number

2) Our anniversaries is a number

3) We pass and qualify in our studies through numbers


Remove numbers and


1) The world becomes disoriented

2) There is no way to quantify and asses

3) There is absolutely no way to compare and measure


Number plays many parts in our lives and the big part they play in being part of success in our lives by giving meaning to our lives and our efforts. They help us to


1) Quantify- Numbers helps you quantify and put the structure.


2) Compare- They help you compare and get the real worth


3) Asses-They help you asses and make adjustments if necessary


4) Plan- Numbers make you plan and see ahead in future


5) Target- Numbers help you define target and gives you will power to achieve them


6) Achieve- Provides real meaning to what you achieve and in what quantity


7) Measure- They help you measure and see the real depth


8) Feedback- They show up on your face and makes you realize the good and the bad


9) Improve- Numbers help you improve and remove any inconsistencies that may have spruced


10) Rock- Finally the real part of numbers is to make you rock and roll in life.



Look ahead and you would see that it is the meaning that numbers provide that makes


1) You Rich because of numbers

2) Successful because of numbers

3) Known because of numbers.


And the best part you can do ever in your lives is Control the Outcome of Numbers


Exercise your control on outcome of numbers by


1) Setting your targets

2) Setting yourself to achieve the target

3) Achieving the target


Once you unravel the true meaning of numbers you would find that the outcome comes directly in your hands. Till now it was hidden somewhere but now you can see directly in its eyes and can conquer it with all your might.


Meaning of numbers is subjective and depends upon individual to individual but the important part first is to recognize that they do exist. The real solution of the problem is in its identification. Ones you know how to see through the numbers you just got the recipe that can take you far in life. Decode the meaning of numbers in you life and success will make you rock forever.


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