Many husbands really from their heart want to make their wives happy. It is not rare to see men searching for tips on how to make their wives happy in the internet. Some also go for counseling sections in order to find out ways to make their wives. But a good number of husbands are disappointed that despite all their efforts, their partners are not yet happy with them to the extent they want. 


One of the approaches many people utilized in making their wives happy is to give them whatever they want or ask for even when they themselves are convinced that what their wives are asking is not the best thing for them or even when they are not happy with their wives request. It is always good to give your wives whatever she likes or asks for but not to your own dissatisfaction. The give her all she wants attitude is not the way to make her happy. This is because as partners in life or people living together and sharing things together, whatever you do to your partner will also have an affect in your life because whatever affects her now affects you. You should be happy with whatever you are going to do for her. If she is happy and you are happy, the happiness will be complete. But if she is happy and you are not happy, the happiness will not be complete. Just as you feel happy when your wife is happy so does she feel happy when you are happy. So, if you are not happy, she will not be happy.


The is also applicable to the way your wife should do in order to make you feel happy. It is not always the best for her to do things that displease her in order to make you happy. It is the best for her to do things that will make both of you happy. In other words, no one should sacrifice their enjoyment in order to satisfy the needs of their partners. The above does not mean that if you are doing something that is not good or that is immoral, you should continue with that in so far as you derive joy in doing that. 


Before you do anything, it is advisable that you reach an agreement with your wife. In this way, the wishes and likes of everybody will be accommodated. In other words, you should learn how to negotiate with your wife until you reach a compromise with her. So, do not force her to abide by your solutions. This is tantamount to lording it over her. While brainstorming solutions, you should consider each other's perspective.


Give your wife some helping hand whenever you can. Don't leave all the domestic works for your wife or leave her to take care of the children alone. Be a friend to her and give her your help always. 


Try always to meet her needs including emotional and fashion needs. You should not keep secret from her. Let her know your financial status and involve her in your life activities. If you give her the sense of belonging and treat her like your partner, she will cherish and respect you.