Any relationship that is devoid of romance is not only seen as a dull one but can also be described as a dead relationship. Romance can act as a lubricant in a relationship to keep it moving. It is a secret to a working relationship. To give your relationship a better tune, romance is the answer. You don’t do romance just once and stop. It must be done every now and then. You must make romance a way of life.

Make a fantastic event out of romance

Inform your partner of a surprise package you have for her. It could be done through a text message to avoid being probed in voice calls. When she finally comes around, get her sit very close to you if possible on your laps. Ensure that there is body contact throughout that event. Give her a gentle but soft touch, kiss and peck on several parts of her body – the forehead, ear, neck, cheek, dimple if she has any, her boobs and several other sensitive parts.


Purse a little and bring out a beautifully and perfectly wrapped chocolate box while you tell her to close her eyes and probably make a guess of what the item is likely to be. Present the chocolate box to her while you gaze lovingly into her eyes telling her in a bedroom voice that you love her so deeply. Allow her to open the box. Tell her you will make a choice of the chocolate piece and will feed her first.


Select the chocolate piece and use your lips to hold it and then slowly reach out to her mouth for a mouth to mouth feeding. After the bite, get a response from her to know how the taste of the chocolate is. The taste must be fantastic because the chocolate now has its own taste plus the taste of romance. However, if the both of you are already fired up in the burning fire of romance; you could begin a lovely touch around her sensitive neck region. The touch may graduate to a robbing on her back, her thigh or laps. Before you spell Jack Robbinson, both of you must have been in another level of ecstasy eating the “real chocolate!”

More killer romantic tips

If you want to go the extra mile, instead of chocolate; buy her a night gown made of a satin material or a sued silk. Can you imagine how the satin material feels to the touch? That is exactly the way it will feel on her body. Your presentation of the gift is very important. It must be carefully and properly packaged. The presentation of that gift is also important even as the gift itself. How are you then going to present it? While you bring out the satin night gown, you gently caressed her skin with the fabric to stimulate her skin and arouse her sensual parts. This stimulation may make her go berserk. Then you are there already.