It is not difficult to fall in love but what is difficult is to make love last for forever or for a long time. You can fall in love with somebody just within seconds. But making that love last forever may take you years to achieve. Unfortunately, you cannot think of having a successful marriage if your love for your partner does not persist. Here are some of the tips to apply in order to have a successful wedding.

Share joy as well as burden

There is the tendency for some couple to limit love to good times. This should not be the case. It is important that you share not just the joy but also burdens with your partner. Sharing burdens means sensing when your partner has some problem that requires your help. You don't have wait for him or her to ask for your help before you can give it. If you sense that your partner has a problem, you have to come to his or her help. You should form it as habit or make it part of you the willingness and readiness to help.

Being the first and chief cheerleader of your lover

If you want your partner or lover to develop strong love for you, it is advisable that you become his or her first cheerleader. Be his or her major support and source of encouragement. You can only show her or him how important she or he is in your life and how much you love her by being his or her major lover by cheering and giving him or her your maximum support.

Compromise on certain issues

Definitely, there may some moments or occasions that both of you disagree on some issues. If you want to build a lasting love, it is not always advisable to insist on your position. Sometimes, compromising on some issues will be beneficial to your love relationship with your partner. You must not have it always the way you want it. So, always find ways of reaching at an agreement with your partner in so far as no grave hurt is done to any of you when a compromise is reached.

Be open to your partner

One thing that causes problem in marriage is lack of openness. It is good and advisable that you talk things openly with your partner. You should not keep any secret from your spouse. If you keep secrets from your partner and he or she later finds out in the future, the person will not be happy and it will cause problem in your relationship.

Never sleep while annoyed

If you have any case with your partner, it is good that you settle with her before you go bed. Leave anger outside the bedroom. It is better to take to settle a case than to sleep or go to bed mad. Similarly, you should not part leave your partner annoyed or when you have not settled the problem you have.

Make your marriage exciting, fun and unpredictable

One of the ways of bringing excitement and fun into your marriage is to bring positive surprises. Don't allow your partner to be able to predict what you are going to do at moment under any circumstance. If you partner can predict you correctly, there is no surprised and thus the fun and excitement will diminish.