As it is said, first impression matters a lot and this applies to interview. How your potential employer or interview sees you depends on the impression you made before him on the day of the interview. Given this, it is important that you create a positive impression of yourself to your interview. If you are able to impress your interviewer before the interview, you have scored at least quarter of the pass mark. But unfortunately, most job seekers fail an interview simply because they are not able to create a positive impression of themselves before their interviewer. If you are preparing for an interview, here are some of the tips you should employ in order to create a positive impression of yourself before the interviewer.

Be on the interview venue earlier: Coming early to the interview venue is a clear indication that you are ready for the job and that you take punctuality very seriously. Punctuality is one quality that most employers employers to look out for. Nobody will like to employ a person that will be coming to work late. The summary of the whole thing is that you should not come to a job interview late. Ideally, you should on the interview venue at least 10 or 20 minutes before the time for the interview. Coming on time will also help you to settle down before you are called in for interview.

Get yourself organized: Normally, the interview invite you are given will stipulate what you are expected to come with. Check very well and make sure that you are there at the interview venue with everything you are asked to come along with. Take the interview invite and read it out and as you are reading, you should be bringing out everything one after the other. This will enable you not to forget anything. But if your interviewer did not stipulate anything on the interview invite you are given, you still have to get go with some of the essential items such as the interview invite, your application letter, valid identification card, resume (CV) and your work portfolio.

Listen attentively and provide direct and concise answers to the questions asked: Employers prefer employees that listens carefully and do things as they are required of. Your listen and understanding capacity is tested during your interview. So, you have to listen very well and then answer questions directly.

Highlight your best qualities before your interviewer: Think of your best qualities that you think will impress your interviewer and then look for opportunity to highlight it during the interview. However, the quality to be highlighted should be in relation to the job. For example, if you have good voice and you can speak very and then the job offer is for a customer care representative, you have to highlight that aspect because it is a good quality for a customer care representative to be able to speak very well.

Try to communicate well: During the interview, you should be courageous and bold in answering years. Answer every question convincingly. In this way, you will prove to your employer that you can differentiate your right from your left. Also make sure that you are very audible when answering question. Your interviewer should not strain his or her voice in order to hear what you are saying.

With the above tips, you will make good impression in an interview