Many people are exposed to different types of infectious disease because of poor personal hygiene. It is virtually impossible for any person to remain healthy or to avoid contacting infection without maintaining a high level of personal hygiene. Cleanliness gives good health.

Besides the health benefits, there is also social and psychological aspect of maintaining high hygiene. You will naturally have a high sense of self esteem or high regard for yourself if you practice good hygiene habits. If you appear clean, you will feel better about yourself and will be proud to associate with others. On the contrary, if you are dirty, inferiority complex will gradually sets in. You will always be ashamed to associate with others. In the light of the above, there is a need for you to maintain a high level of hygiene regardless of your sex. Below are some of the tips that you can apply in order to maintain a personal hygiene practice.

  • Keeps your hands clean

The hand is a very useful organ of the body. We use it to perform various types of tasks on daily basis such as cleaning, farming, washing, writing, and others. Some of the items or objects we touch with our hands are very dirty and may be contaminated with disease causing bacteria. As you perform your daily duties handling these objects, you will be exposed to these bacteria easily. However, you can do yourself a great good by keeping your hands clean.

There are hands hygiene tips that you should follow. First, make sure that you always wash your hands when you are handling any edibles or when you are preparing your foods. It is also advisable to wash your hands before eating whether you dine with cutleries or not. Sometimes, you may have a need to touch the food with your bare hand. The hands should also be washed after eating. If you have a pet, wash your hands also after handling your pets.

  • Take your bath regularly

Use good soap to shower regularly. Bathing regularly is a good means of getting rid of dirt and unwanted microorganisms from the skin. You sweat as you perform you daily task. This will make you to become malodorous creating avenues for microorganisms to develop on your body. It can also make you to develop body odour. You will have a good body smell if you take your bath on daily basis.

  • Wear clean clothes

Take time to wash and iron your clothes. Wearing neat clothes and underwear makes for good fashion and good health as well. Your clothes will become a nursery ground for bacteria if they are dirty. This is because as you sweat during the course of the day, your cloth will absorb the sweat. This will make it to smell bad. So, you need to wash it so that it will be free from the smell.

  • Brush your teeth regularly

The teeth are another organ of the body that you should brush on daily basis. The food particles trapped in the teeth if not removed will decay and cause you some teeth problem. It will also make your teeth to develop awful odour.

The above tips will enable you to maintain high personal body hygiene.