You will a girls love today and tomorrow she is gone, you need your girlfriend by your side and she don’t give you attention, you travel out and on your return, she doesn’t seem to miss you. You have become the boring guy ladies feel reluctant to date. All this you can fix by knowing these little romantic tips that can make her stay put:


1.  Love the things she love

Your girlfriend would like it when it is obvious you are doing something for her sake. In fact, that is usually a first test a guy is always put to by a lady. So are you just going to wait for her to do that? Loving the things she loves because she loves them is the most romantic gesture you can ever think of. Things like her best colours, her favourite movies and so on are what you can love for her sake.


2.  Let her know she is the best

If there is something women can love more than they love men, it is complement. If you can do everything you can to let your girl know you can’t choose another at her expense, then be confident she will be hooked like a fish to your life forever. “You look more beautiful than ever” is a one that makes them go gaga.


3.  Get used to kissing her

If my girlfriend is just pretending to love me, there is just one thing I’m pretty sure she would like me for – the way a kiss her. I try to make when I kiss her unpredictable. I don’t give her the impression that I can only kiss her when it will lead to something more than that. I kiss her from behind even when she is busy in the kitchen with the dishes. Sometime when she sleeps over, I wake her up with a kiss on the fore head. You can try the same for her. Sure she will like that.


4.  Embarrass her with surprises

Men who know ladies like the back of their palm would definitely know that surprises turns women on like no other thing. If you want to prove your love to her, go the extra mile. Wishing her a happy birthday on her birthday even when she do not remember, making her dinner when you are home first, paying for her shopping anonymously and letting her know latter are little ways you can make the relationship somehow fun for her. I presume she’ll fall in love with you and your surprises.


5.  Show you can’t do without her

One thing you’ve got to know is that, whenever you tell a girl how much she means to you, be rest assured she will like to see you prove it. She will like to know her place in your heart. Action speaks louder than words Bro. Don’t just tell her you miss her all the time just on the phone or probably whenever you guys meet. Try to show it in one way or the other. You don’t know how? Okay, let me give you one of my little secrets.


6.  Making Sacrifices

It is no news that in virtually all relationships, it is the guy that makes most of the sacrifices that helps keep the relationship going. But can you make yours a bit more out of the ordinary? Do those things that most guys would not do for their girlfriends. Do not only rely on those common ones like opting to carry the goodies you bought for her after a shopping, walking between her and the street, letting her choose most of the time etc. try something different. Most guys have not heard of calling their girlfriend at bed time and singing her a sweet lullaby before going to bed. I think that’s a good idea. That will surely make her feel like the only woman in the world.