Personality is something which is shown to all by our gestures and postures. The way we speak, the way we walk, the way we think all comes under the personality traits. They are different from person to person. No one can have fix number of personality traits as our personality keeps on changing because of the influence of environment. We often feel influenced and impressed by the personality of great people who often become our idols. As no one can have all the traits, we are here defining the top 10 list of personality traits. It is not necessary that in order to get success, you need to have these personalities only and if you have them they work as an extra advantage for you.


One should be confident enough to present himself in front of others. There is nothing more inviting than a confident person. If you are confident then you have crossed half the way. Rest all will be just a formality in order to get a deal done. Confidence reflects that you got enough knowledge and skills to perform any task with full sincerity and dedication.

Sense of humor

If one is genius then he should not be a bore. Many people who want to project a nice personality of them, don’t joke in front of others as they feel that it will make them look like a stupid. But, actually if you do such kind of things then it will add up in your list of good traits and it becomes your asset.


Being expressive is one of the top elements of the top 10 list of personality traits. If you are expressive then only you can make the things work according to your will. If you can communicate well then you can even get the work done out of others in a more organized manner. One needs to be expressive in terms of their emotions as well. Suppose you like someone and she is looking very beautiful then an expressive person will be definitely going to raise her and she will automatically get impressed with him.

Comfort level

It is also one of the major factors and important contents of the top 10 list of personality traits. Personality can also be judged by the way you can impress others and how much you can make others comfortable in your company. If you do it well then obviously people get more attracted towards you and you will be more loveable than ever before.


There is no need to be reactive, rather be proactive. If you are not proactive then you will be recognized as dumb. Personality is very much depending on the pro-activeness of an individual. If you are proactive and can make good decisions keeping all the situations in mind then you are the next hero or idol of the youth.

Physical looks

It is needless to say that looks matters a lot. Some say size does matter and they are not it does. When you meet someone for the very first time then you make an impression of yours by your looks. Looks will include your physical structure, clothes and expressions of the face, gestures and postures. They all will combine to form the looks and people get attracted if all of them are in a right proportion.


Often people go after intelligence. If the person is intelligent enough then only he has a great personality otherwise not.


A person has to be sophisticated when talking to ladies or senior people. If people do not have any kind of sophistication then it is referred to as manner-less.


Honesty is the best policy. You have to be honest in your work and for others. If you are not honest then no one can rely on you and you will loose your credibility.


Being courteous means thinking of others. If you are courteous enough then people will also respect you and make you as their idol and get impressed by you in a very short time.

This is the top 10 list of personality traits. But, besides these, there are some other traits as well which can help in being a good and influenced person like responsibility, compatibility, loyalty, enthusiasm, self control, open mindness and many more. All these things can help in reflecting a good personality. One should always try to adopt the skills and personality traits which we have mentioned in the top 10 list of personality traits.



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