Everyone aims for the best. Though all of us wish to possess as many strengths and virtues as possible, weaknesses also make an integral part of man. Below are listed the top 5 strengths and weaknesses that most humans possess. They are just the representative and the list of top strength and weaknesses can vary from individual to individual. The challenge is to recognize which ones is your own and do your best to work with them. No matter what the situation is, if you are aware of your strength and can take care of weaknesses the success cannot stay away from you for long.

The Top 5 Strengths:

Strengths make our back bone. It shapes our personality. It is the prowess that gets us going on the face of adversities. Because of our strengths we can steer clear of setbacks in the course of life.

Self Reliance: Undoubtedly the biggest strength one might have is being self reliant or self dependable. The one who is self reliant will be able to face all the weaknesses efficiently. He will never wait for anyone to support him or circumstances to turn in his favour to achieve success. He will believe in his abilities and himself. Such a person will stride ahead in life towards success and achievements.

Optimism: Another great strength which favours a person greatly is optimism and hopefulness. It is what keeps one buoyant and cheerful. It gives the inspiration to march ahead no matter how many obstacles life brings into picture. The one who has this strength will never fail to see the silver line every cloud has. This strength gives great capacity to fight back. An optimist person will not make the most of his own life but also would bring cheerfulness and sunshine in the lives of all those who come in his contact.

Skilfulness: Being skilful and being aware of the areas of your expertise is another unmatchable strength. When you know what you are good at, you have a tendency of utilising it to your utmost advantage and making the most out of it. This will cover up the weaknesses you might have in other areas. Bettering the skills you already have will take you faster towards your goals and targets.

Friendliness: A friendly disposition and love for the fellow beings in general is a potency which not only gives you a great personality but also a magnanimous heart. This strength bestows support and help from others. It gives you goodwill and benevolence.  The good relations you maintain boost your self esteem to quite a high level.

Knowing your weaknesses: How many of us are truthful to accept our weakness? If we have the ability to judge ourselves that makes it our biggest strength because then we can understand which areas we have to strike on to get things in our favour. To handle our weaknesses we can either strive to abolish or minimise them or we can build on counter strengths which will weaken our failings. This is your 5th strength from the list of top 5 strength and weaknesses.

The Top 5 Weaknesses:

Weaknesses too form a vital part of life. No one can be perfect. Each of us hoards a number of flaws and weak points which put limitations on our abilities. The best way to deal with weaknesses would be to leverage the strengths so that our faults are minimised. Lets start with 5 weaknesses from the list of top 5 strength and weaknesses.

Procrastination: Missed opportunities are often the result of this serious weakness. Life moves, no matter how inactive one might be but if you are a victim of procrastination then the movement of your life would be lateral and not forward. Bad health, sluggishness and indecisiveness are what this fault might spawn into if not handled at the right time.

Fearfulness: A person in grip of this failing would be unable to take risks in life. Fear is a killer weakness which rids one of the zeal to live life. It does not let you look at life with a rational eye. Fearfulness makes you dread even the opportunities which life serves you. It stops you from trying anything new or exploring new possibilities. It makes one a pessimist.

Lack of Conviction: Being unable to put across your point limits your potential and abilities to a great extent.  Lack of conviction or lack of assertiveness results in making you less pronounced. It may be considered as a communication disorder. The inability to say no often puts you in disadvantageous situations. This flaw makes the wonderful quality of flexibility turn against your growth and self development.

Impulsiveness: Reacting without thinking is one weakness which you regret the most times in life. It compels you into situations which you later realize that you could have easily avoided. Speaking without thinking, not being attentive while listening and taking hasty decisions are some of the worst effects of this weakness.

Lack of discipline:  Without self discipline not much could be achieved. No matter how favourable things or situations are for you, unless one is self disciplined one cannot harness it to his advantage. Lack of discipline leads to wastefulness and non utilisation of resources be it time, money or the strengths you possess. This can be 5th weakness from the list of top 5 strength and weaknesses.


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