In the digital era, you can create a new identity online. You can offer your digital self several characteristics which can define it. You can make your avatar, dress it up, you can write your favorite books, TV shows, movies, artists and let your tastes put you on the map. But first of all, you can pick your own name. On blogs and forums you can have this ID by which you’ll get known in the virtual world just like in reality you are known by the name your parents gave you, the one that’s on your ID card. You can take that name seriously or not, either way it will stick. Of course, the huge advantage of having a virtual persona is that once you created one, you can create several others. But most people create one identity and one username to cover all sites. So if you need suggestions for brilliant usernames, check out this list of cool usernames.


1.      If you’re a guy, choosing Hugh Mannity would be hilarious. Because when you read it or say it the first time you might not actually catch the pun as it sounds pretty legit and the spelling is entirely different. This type of play on words is quite spread.

2.      Recently I have encountered the username Wow a deer and it seemed too funny to exclude it. It’s as if you were driving in your car and all of a sudden you say that. Choosing this kind of spontaneous reaction as a username was very ingenious and very funny indeed.

3.      A whole subdivision of this list of cool usernames is that comprised of usernames for girlie girls who like sweets, lovely things and love, generally speaking. These light usernames sounds something like: Hello Dark Chocolate, Shiny love, Caramel Candy, Yummy Pink Bubblegum and so on. If you are an adolescent girl, you may go for these, but otherwise just keep reading.

4.      Your favorite song could be your username, especially if it’s something more obscure. It is also cool because most people won’t know exactly what you are referring to so you might arise their curiosity. So choose Sweet Disposition if you enjoy The Temper Trap, but don’t choose F*** you if that’s your favorite song from Cee-Lo Green. This way Metallica fans could identify each other way easier, for example.

5.      If you are a man of action, state exactly that in your username of preference. But a dynamic twist to your username by choosing an action and adding an exclamation mark or another sign of punctuation. Some examples of this would be: Escape routine! or You dance?. But you should opt for something that really defines you. Remember the classic example from yahoo mail free2rhyme? That was one of the grooviest usernames I had ever seen, even though it was just an example of what a username could look like.

6.      Describe yourself accurately. This point makes the list of cool usernames because it brings something true to the table. And the shocking thing is that most people use some sort of vice or negative perception of themselves when they do it. Shopaholic03 and depressed_bugger are among the funniest usernames I have seen that stick to this pattern. Birdwatcher and nature.lover are also pretty good and girl_from_mars is weirdly interesting.

7.      Smart and sassy. Another subdivision which might compile a whole petite list of cool usernames is that which contains usernames who are too cool for school. They would be short and brisk, they would be so concise and so cool and also they would be sustained by a firm cool ring to them. If your username sounds something like Tech Cat or Steel Magnolia, Forum Maniac or Daily insanity, you may feel confident that you’ll get noticed. And some of these usernames have so much character that they’re impossible not to like.

8.      Take your inspiration from movies. You must have a favorite movie that you see every six months because you like it so very much. That means you probably know all the lines by heart. So why not include one of those lines in your username? For example, take Joe Pesci angry performance in Goodfellas from where he gets so pissed off and yells “You think I’m funny, punk? Do I amuse you? How am I funny? Funny like a clown?”. You could extract funny punk or amuse you or any part of the speech which is most significant and defining for you.

9.      Paradoxes. This is an easy and a popular choice. In the list of cool usernames, this ranks up high. Choose dumb intellectual or fiery rain, soft thorn or sharp mattress if you want people to keep wondering what you actually meant and what you are.


In conclusion, you have received a lot of imaginative options in this article regarding a list of cool usernames. So go on, try them on for size and just have fun with it!


Signed by: Jazz King

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