Interpersonal skills are of utmost importance when dealing at work place or outside. Just working away at projects or deadlines does not make you a preferred employee. Companies today stress highly on interpersonal skills and positive personalities traits the existence of which ensures a groomed person. For your benefit, whether you feel the need to develop these skills or not, here is our list of interpersonal skills which will tell you what you have and what you may want to improve on. 

1.      Call out greetings- You don’t think calling out a ‘Good Morning’ can make a difference? Well FYI we must say that your persona would shine through if you wished people. If you work in a corporate organization, it almost becomes mandatory by everyone’s behavior. But if you work in an organization where no one bothers, make sure you do it. You will be looked up on as attentive and cheerful. If you work in a multi cultural place, make sure you call out wishes on special occasions as it shows how you respect and care about the people working around you. Personality of a person should not be compromised but instead honed. Dealing with people is crucial and hence, we feature this point as number one on the list of interpersonal skills.

2.      Smile often- How else are you going to look cheerful? SMILE. Come across as someone pleasant to deal with and people will flock you. A sullen face or an indifferent one will only make you look severe in your work environment. Often people do not approach each other for reasons like they don’t know how the person on the receiving end will react.  Is that a good enough a reason to be isolated or misused from a social setting? Hardly! Smiling makes people think about you as approachable and hence you will be interacting more in your work place.  

3.      Listen- When someone speaks to you – LISTEN. Surrounded from colleagues at a work place, there’s a good chance you guys will talk about more than work.  Someone will want to share their weekend plans or tell you about a novel experience. Listening to someone assures that you are attentive and have a great emotional quotient when comes to dealing with people. Make sure you pay attention to this point as it is high on our list of interpersonal skills.

4.      Humor- Inject smart humor in your work and otherwise in your dealings with people around you at your work place or when at a social setting. Humor is a remedy to lighten things and makes getting along easier. It is also a way of attracting people. A sense of humor in anyone is appreciated and shows the affectionate as well as lighter side of the person. Why is humor on this list of interpersonal skills? When dealing with people you’ll notice that meeting someone new and that too with a sense of humor has more of a recall memory given that one joke shared or funny incident narrated.

5.      Communicate- Communication is the soul of human relationships. How do you know that colleague is fond of you? How were you able to score that deal with the client? This holds no trick but just communication. Communicating in the right way will help you build a professional as well as personal network. Appreciate someone when they are looking nice, give your opinion when asked; oppose something which does not feel right. Hence, communicate to the best of your ability whether through verbal means or non verbal means like body language to get a message across.

6.      Do not involve yourself in disputes- We suggest you watch from the side lines. Though people appreciate those who help resolve conflicts, the decision completely lies with you given the situation. It’s not always considered smart to interfere in someone’s conflict.  Another important point on the list of interpersonal skills is to try and be assertive, diplomatic before you give rise to a dispute yourself. Until and unless people around you support the dispute, avoid having one as it will only mar your reputation.  A sensible person is assertive enough to blow off the situation before it turns explosive.

7.      Network- Lastly, network to the best of your ability with the people you come across. The reason why interpersonal skills are stressed on is to help a person build a network be it personal, professional or for some other purpose. A lot of the times, companies look at your interpersonal skills before recruiting you. Hence, interact sensibly without severing any relationships.


The list of interpersonal skills may vary from person to person but note that the points listed above also make a huge difference to anyone’s personality.



Picture- Yami 8bit

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