List Of Likes And Dislikes Of People

Everybody people have their own list of likes and dislikes of people. Some people have very specific things they can’t stand in anybody else and others have just a vague idea of what they like or dislike. Anyway, it’s pretty important to pin down what it is you like about people, because this way you can make the decision if you want that person in your life or not much easier. This kind of list is extremely personal so no two lists will be alike. It’s a fun exercise and I hope that after you will see this list you will make up your own. So, here are my likes and dislikes of people:


I will start with likes:

·        Punctuality. This is a quality that I think fewer and fewer people have. For me it is very important, because I feel that if a person isn’t where he or she says they will be, at a certain time, it’s very much a breach of confidence. It’s very hard to build trust with somebody who isn’t punctual.

·        Honesty. I think everyone can agree that honesty is one of the most important things a person should have, so it definitely falls in the category of likes in my list of likes and dislikes of people. Being honest is a very hard thing to do every moment of your life, but it is definitely worth giving it a shoot. Of course I don’t mean that there are no exceptions to telling the truth all the time: like having to answer .your wife when she asks you if that top model is actually prettier than she is.

·        Rigorousness. For me it is very important that a person is rigorous in everything he or she does. I don’t like to do things half heartedly and I expect everyone around me to put as much effort as I do into every endeavor. It is very important to know that you did something right, that you looked at it thru every angle, and that you came to the conclusion that this is the right course of action.

·        Having a sense of humor. One of the most important qualities for anybody. People who are to stuck up and don’t get certain jokes, and tell you that they don’t believe certain things should be taken lightly are usually very boring. I appreciate somebody who can tell a joke or somebody who can feel when a joke is taken too far.


And now, my dislikes:


·        Smokers. I personally hate, that is a pretty strong word, ok, dislike people who smoke. Especially because I can’t understand them. I can’t understand why anybody would think that lighting up a certain type of plant and than inhaling the smoke is fun. And I especially hate the fact that most people don’t start smoking out of curiosity, but because of peer pressure.

·        Hypochondriacs. I don’t like people who think that any little spot that has appeared on their skin is definitely cancer. They can get extremely annoying if you spend a lot of time with them. They will always blow any kind of ache or pain out of proportion. It’s very hard to know when they are just making a big fuss or when they are actually sick, which makes things even more annoying.

·        Fanatics. I’m not talking about the kind that hijacks an airplane and fly it into a building, but about the people who you can’t have a conversation about the thing they are fanatical about. They will almost never listen to any kind of argument, and they will just say that they are right, and everybody else is wrong.

·        Stupidity. Last on my list of likes and dislikes of people is stupidity. Of course it’s one of the things I dislike the most in people although you can’t really hold it against somebody. The worst are the people who are stupid, but have the power to decide over others. I’m talking about the case of some politicians.


Well, this was my list of likes and dislikes of people. Of course it could go on forever and ever, but I think these are the most important features that it boils down to. You should try to do this kind of exercise yourself, because you will and out a lot of things about yourself. Many people choose to think that they really don’t have such a list, that they are tolerant with everybody, and that their features are not important. In my view tolerance and liking or disliking somebody are two different things. I consider myself a very tolerant person but that doesn’t mean that I have to be friends with everybody. I think it’s very important to choose the people you want to spend time with this list in mind, because this is good way to ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I agree with you, besides the smokers. I’m a smoker, and I started because I was stressed and I knew it would calm me down. And it did, I don’t do it around people who don’t, and certainly not around kids and I even try to talk friends out of it. Not all smokers are bad :P

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