If you want your marriage to last, there are certain lies that you should avoid. Most married couples tell themselves these lies believing it to be true or simply because their friends talk them into believing it. Such a thing can result in marriage breakdown. Here are some of the lies to avoid if you want your marriage to last.

My happiness matters most in marriage

Some people pursue their individual happiness in their marriage rather than the collective happiness. When things are not working fine between them and their partners, the first thing they will say is that their happiness matters more than any other thing. Yes, nobody marries in order to be unhappy. However, as it is normally said, the world is not a bed of roses or all that glitters is not gold, marriage is not all that rosy. There is some bitter part of it which may bring you unhappiness. If such a thing happens, then you have to bear it rather than calling for a divorce. For example, if your husband loses his job and he is not able to provide all that you request to make you happy, you should bear with him rather than leaving him for another person.

I am no longer in love with my spouse, I have to divorce him or her

This also is similar to the above point. Some people owing to one reason or the other may begin to lose the love they have for their partner. It can be tragic to lose live in marriage. When it is seems to you that you are losing the love you have for your partner, you should remember that love requires patience and kindness. So, be patient with your partner and show him kindness rather than leaving him or her or calling for a divorce. Think about the good qualities of your partner and try to use that as your consolation. However, having patience does not mean that if you are partner started misbehaving or doing things that will jeopardize your life, you will be patient and endure it. If he or she becomes unruly, after exhausting all available options to bring him to his senses, if he or she does not show any sign of change, then you should consider calling it a quit.

My private immorality has no affect on my marriage

If there is anything that you are doing in private which is not good, don't deceive yourself into thinking that it will not affect your marriage. Your private immoral life shows its ugly head in your marriage in one way or the other even when you don't realize it. For example, if you are engaging in extramarital affairs whether your spouse knows about it or not, it will affect your marriage. Such an act will reduce the attention and concern you show to your partner as you will have divided attention without knowing it. So, you should try to avoid any immoral private act that you will not like your partner to know about.

I married the wrong person

Some marriages broke up simply because the couples think that they have made a wrong choice of partners. Don't jump into a quick conclusion that you married a wrong person. Tolerate your partner and bear his or her weak point and then give him or her opportunity to prove his or her love for you. Another way of saying this is that you should always love your partner as he or she is and don't have high expectation. If you do have high expectation, you may be disappointed at the end.

The above are some of the lies that you should not tell yourself if you are in marriage.