As implicit from the name, land pollution refers to the presence of or dumping of substances that are harmful or that damage the earth surface. In other words, this type of pollution that affects the land. Land pollution does not only destroy the land but it also has a lot of consequences. There are a number of factors that can cause the pollution of the land. Below are some of the factors that can cause land pollution.

Refuse from the homes industries, markets and offices

One of the major causes of land pollution is refuse. Refuse come from a number of sources. We generate lots of unwanted materials and refuses in our various home. The landfills are getting filled up on daily basis. As population is growing, the amount of refuses coming out from the homes is on the increase. It is becoming very difficult for the government to manage. In some places, refuses are dumped by the roadside. As they are being dumped in the landfills, they generate lots of gases that are released into the atmosphere. These gases eat up our ozone layers.

Chemical waste from the industries

Our world is an industrialized world. Unfortunately, a lot of waste are being generated in the industries. In the course of production of articles and various goods, a lot of unwanted materials normally referred to as industrial waste are generated. As they are no longer useful in the industries, they are dumped on land or in the landfills. They add to the quantity of refuse generated from the homes.

Oil drilling and exploration

Oil drilling and exploration is another culprit when it comes to land pollution. There are different ways oil drilling and exploration can cause land pollution. As the oil is being extracted or drilled, holes are being left in the earth. The nutrients and other important elements in the earth are being extracted. This gradually affects agricultural produces Besides, waste resulting from oil drilling and exploration can cause damage to the land. Oil spillage can result in loss of marine and wildlife as well as plant life. It can even kill human beings.

Sewage from the home and offices

The sewage from our various homes and offices are dumped or buried on earth. They also help to pollute the land. First, the portion of land where they are dumped become useless and will not longer be used for anything. Besides, they can also cause air pollution because they odor coming from them are offensive and not good for human breathing.

The above are some of the causes of land pollution which can also result in air pollution or other type of pollution.