If you want to shop for a car through a dealership, it is important that you learn how dealers work nowadays to enable you bargain very well and avoid dealership scam. Some dealerships keep to the old hard selling method while some are more flexible and gentler with their selling methods. It is not easy to raise fund for the purchase of a vehicle and so if you are able to raise sufficient fund to buy a car, you should try to find a good dealership that will make the experience as much pleasant as possible. Understanding how dealership works is the key to having a pleasant car shopping experience.

Here are some points that you should bear in mind when you are in a dealership for the purchase of your car.

Dealers as well as their salespersons are into business and as such will like to make as much profits as possible. Thus, they will do everything possible in order to make the gain even though some dealers also try to treat their customers in such a manner that they will come back or refer people to them. Given this, you should be careful when bargaining with a dealer and salesperson. They have sweet tongue and can tell you this and that in order to make you buy from them. Do your research very well and rely on your findings rather than on what the dealer tells you. Remember that salespersons are paid based on commission and thus they will use every possible means to lure a consumer into buying from their dealership so that they will make their gain.

Know other ways dealers make more money

Dealers do not make profit only from their car sales. There are other ways they can make much more profits than the sale of their cars. It is important that you know these ways and find the truth about them. Car insurance, finance, paint sealant, rust proofing,  protection packages, extended service contracts and other extras services are some of the ways through which dealers can make much money. You must not buy these services from the dealer. So, if you discover that a dealer is selling these services at a higher cost, you can buy them from other sources. Some dealers reduce their car price in order to attract the consumers but they make up from these other services.

Getting a good deal is not enough

Some car buyers only consider the cost of services they are getting from a dealer. This should not be your only consideration or only criterion. You should also consider the reputation of a dealer in providing quality services as well. Make inquiries about the reputation of a dealer. You can ask your friends and family members who have bought cars before what their experiences are.

Beware of salespersons and dealers scam

Take time to learn the dealers’ scams and know when a dealer is scamming you. Don’t be carried away by the oratory of the salesperson rather pay attention to his knowledge of the products and business. Don’t buy from a dealership where you feel intimidated. A good salesperson should be friendly as well.

Challenge any unwarranted charge like advertising charge

If you take note of the above, you will surely have a pleasant experience shopping for your ideal vehicle.