If you are living in a region or zone that normally experiences winter or extreme cold at a particular period of the year, you may like to read this article. In some regions of the world, it can be extremely cold such that it is difficult for any living human to survive without covering oneself with clothes made from wool and heating up one's home. Keep yourself and your entire household warmth during the cold weather, you will need a fireplace. A fireplace is device that is capable of generating heat to keep the place where it is placed warmth.


There are different types of fireplaces depending on its sources of power. The first type of fireplace and the traditional fireplace is wood fireplace. This type of fireplace uses burning log of wood to generate heat for keeping the house warmth. It normally has a chimney which serves as an outlet for the smoke from the fire. Nowadays, owing to improvement in technology, traditional fireplace are available in a number of options. Some designs and styles have great visual appeal and you can use it to beef up your home decor. The chimney of traditional fireplace gives a home a unique ambience. 


Traditional fireplace or wood fireplace is capable of generating enough heat to keep a room warmth during the cold weather. But the major disadvantage of this type fireplace is that it can pollute the quality of the indoor air owing to the smoke generated. It can also lead to fire outbreak. So, if you are using this type of fireplace, you have to provide it with enough firewood so that it will continue to burn and generate heat. However, you should be careful and always attend to it so that red hot charcoal will not get to the floor of your home and set your house on fire.


Gas fireplace is another type of fireplace that you can use to keep your home warmth during the cold weather. This type of fireplace generates heat using gas. It can be very effective. The flame creates interest and awesome view as it flickers. But if you are using it, you have to be very careful and ensure that there is no leaking gas. If the gas valve and cylinder is not properly locked or if there is any leaking gas, your entire home can be set ablaze. 


Electric fireplace is the third type of fireplace. It is available in numerous styles more than any other types of fireplace. There are also different sizes with different heating capacities. It seems to be et safest type of fireplace in term of fire outbreak. This type of fireplace nowadays come with interesting features. It is possible to regulate the heat, dim the flame or even use set the unit so that it will produce only flames without generating any heat. It serves aesthetic purposes when it is used in this manner. With this feature it can be used throughout the year even when it is not cold. There are more portable ones which can be used small rooms or as supports to other fireplaces. It does not cause any air pollution or fire outbreak like the other types of fireplaces. It is also more convenient to use it. But its heat generating capacity may not be as high as the other. Besides, it can also cause the user's electricity bill to increase.