Keep Your Enemies Close

Life throws many challenges and the biggest among them is how to manage your enemies. You can keep your enemies close or away depending upon how you perceive their presence in your life. Each human being has certain strength and weaknesses. These attributes gives other people a chance to exploit the weak point and avoid the strong. No other person is best to take advantage of it except our enemies. They are in constant search for things that can potentially harm us. The more powerful they are with their blows, the weaker we become with time. No one wants to lose and no one would ever want to. This necessitates the need to be a step ahead of our enemies in order to not only confuse them but also surprise them.


 Each one of us likes to be loved and appreciated in our lives. No one wants enemies that have the potential to make their lives miserable. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to be. They get imposed on us against our will and we are left with no other option than to take them head on. These are the battles we have to fight and win in order to be successful in our lives. Enmities are not always sought for but sometimes you are left with no choice.


Lets now talk about why you need to keep your enemies close and why this is the best way to go.


Why you have enemies


1) Because of your attitude

2) Because of your opinion

3) Because you are successful


Yes, people don’t like other people


1) Who hurt them with their attitude

2) Who have different opinion

3) Who are successful and growing in their lives


This happens everywhere- In organizations, groups, bodies and in everyday life.


When that happens you get enemies that can be either ignored or can be taken head on.


Enemies are entrusted with important task to


1) Find your weak points

2) Hurt you where it hurts most

3) Expose things that have potential to take you down


Potentially they look for your weaknesses. It is in this nature lays the opportunity. The opportunity is to convert your weak points into your strengths


1) When you keep your enemies close you would know what you are lacking

2) When you keep your enemies close you would know more about your shortcomings

3) When you keep your enemies close you would know about areas where you are more susceptible


Further, the truth is


1) It would be like facing a mirror

2) Your perception would be broken and truth would lay bare in front of you

3) You would be forced to face the facts that you might have always wanted to ignore


And when you are strong enough to do that, the advantages would be numerous


1) You would become stronger

2) You would close the gaps before anyone can attack them

3) An introspection and subsequent action would take you much higher


You would have got nothing had you kept your enemies at distance from yourself


1) The would have hurt you at will

2) You would not have known when something bad could happen to you

3) You would have been at the mercy of your enemies

The best way to keep your enemies close is to discover what they are getting at and take necessary measures. You need to be smart and not get befooled by any of their moves. When enmity becomes unavoidable it is important to become vigilant about it. Keep your enemies close and respect their existence. They are there to show your real worth. Keep your enemies close and the battle is half won.


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  1. My great enemy was just my sister and it takes me a while to realize that it was all about  inheritance. She sabotaged my relationships and whatever she could put her hands on. There was no boundaries for her just inorder to inherit everything
    We were close until I confronted her and reciprocated in quite the same ways. I was surprised that I could be so legally ruthless. She is now in hide.

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