Is It Better To Resign Or Be Fired

The question Is it better to resign or be fired came recently from one of my readers who wanted to know all the intricacies involved in the process and options he had in front of him. If you are experiencing this particular situation in your life then this post will definitely help you make choices. Normally this situation pops up when the management has decided to let you go and you are not willing to leave the company. This can come in form of a hint about the imminent action or been communicated in a straight forward manner. In both situations it is important to get the best for you in order to have a safe future and secure past relationships.


Company’s fire for various reasons that include issues related to company’s performance or performance of the employee. In both cases the very first step which a company takes is to ask employee to put his papers rather than terminating the employment. The choice is then given to employee who needs to decide between resignation or being fired. The experience is definitely painful especially if you love your job and don’t have a job in hand but this is something which is inescapable. So let’s start the analysis from here.


Why Resignation- It is normal process for companies to offer employee to resign rather than straight away terminate their employment. The laws of specific states and countries attach set of benefits in case of termination to employees along with an option to go to court. Normally companies takes steps to avoid adverse situations hence they structure the package in a manner that employee is willingly forced to opt for resignation rather then termination. Also the most powerful weapon they have in hand is the relieving letter and experience certificate.  You get these only when you resign but in case the employee is fired only termination letter is given.


The resignation route is saner for companies in terms of less liabilities and problems thereafter. They are prepared for any worst situations but like anyone would do, they take an easy route by asking employee to resign or indirectly making him do that.


Should You Resign- That’s the big question here and my experience says that Yes, the employee should resign and should not wait for being fired by company. The people who opt for the termination route generally look for the monetary benefit that they would get, they have strong case against the company, they have spare time to take legal route, they are not planning to get a new job or they are not concerned about implications of bad validation by an employer in their career.


The point which is important to take into consideration is that the decision has been made by the company and no matter what the company would implement it one way or other. Also when they have made this decision they are ready for every consequence. Your fight against this step then does not go against any individual but company as a whole. In whole process there is no one but you who would lose the peace of mind.


Most people forget that it is a contract between employer and employee. Just like employee has every right to change their employer, the employer too has similar right. Hence it is advisable to resign but with a game plan which is talked in next part of article.


The GamePlan– Do keep in mind that just like you the employer is also looking for amicable separation. Hence if you play your cards right there is chances that it brings a minimal impact on you. When the company asks you to resign the first step you need to take is to maintain your cool. Tell the employer that it would take some time for you to look for the job and if you can maintain current job in same period. I have seen companies where they have given some extra months to managers based on their similar request. In other cases where companies are not flexible you can ask for free time so that you can search for a new job in notice period. Apart from this do talk about the reasons you would cite for resignation and references you can give to new employer. The intention here is to secure the new job while maintaining current so that there is no break in your career. Hence is safer route is to use any analogy that help you show an employee of the company rather then unemployed individual.


The game plan calls for extracting maximum from your past employer so that you papers are clean and your background check comes out to be good. Remember, there are too many people fighting for one job and you need more than your abilities to secure new job safely


The Benefits– This approach has many benefits and the biggest I see is that you don’t burn the bridges. You might get a momentary kick by accusing the people on other side but that doesn’t take you far. No matter how bad you feel about your co-workers or a boss always leave with a nice note. Appreciate the time you have spent and things you have learnt. If you want to make anyone feel bad, being nice is the best way to steal their joy. Also, on other hand, it makes sense to build a network then break it in a flick of second. Be nice and peace would always be on your side.


The point which I want to emphasize here is that It is always better to resign then to get fired as you need to focus your energy on things that matter most and in this particular case it is the new job.


It is important not to take this incident either on your heart or on your head. Life brings us mixture of experiences and this is just one of them. You might have qualities that may not be suitable for one job but can do wonders in other job. Remember, whatever happens, it happens for good. There would be fabulous opportunity waiting for you somewhere which you could not have got by maintaining the present job.



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