If you are called up for an interview, it is important that you be on your best behavior and abide by all the best practices of interview so that you will be able to impress your interview and thus get good score which wills secure the vacancy for you. There are certain things that you should not do when you go for an interview. If you do them, you are reducing your chances of getting employment. No employer will like to hire an irresponsible person. Certain interview don'ts may be interpreted as an irresponsible act by your employer and so you have to be very careful.

 Here are the interview don't you should know.

Don't make excuses

Your sense of responsibility is being tested during an interview. One of thing that an irresponsible person is known for is making of excuses. If you are in for an interview, don't make execs. It is better for take responsibility of your action and decisions. For example, if you did not get high score in school and the interviewer questions about your result, there is no need for you to apportion blames to any person or start giving reasons why you did not make good result. It is better if you accept that you are the cause of your failure and then resolve to work to the best of your ability or to give your best to the organization.

Don't say bad about your previous employer

Your interviewer or prospective employer may want to know about your work life and what your experience with your previous employers are. It is always good to answer such a question positively. Be concise and don't speak ill of your former employer. If you speak ill of your previous employer, your prospective employer will think that you will also speak ill of him in case things did not work fine between you and him and thus he will not employ you. If you are first time job seeker, you should also avoid making negative comments about your school and professors. Making such comments does not tell anything good about you. Alway remain neutral or even positive when talking about your former employer or school teacher.

Don't present any forged documents or intentionally give wrong answer to your interviewer in order to deceive

This is worse mistake you can make during an interview. The interviewer may find out and if you are caught, you have ended your chances of getting an offer. Above, it is an insult to your personality. Nobody will ever like to employ a lier to work for him or her. Lying in any form is taken seriously by interviewer and some interviewer spend time to find out applicants that present false information in their application.

Don't give impression that you are interested in the salary and closeness of the office

Indeed, the reason why you are looking for employment is to earn some money. But you should also remember that you employer is employing to help his or her business grow and it is for this that he or she pays you. So, you should also show interest in the progress of the business during your interview. You should also avoid giving the impression that why your are choosing the business is because of its closeness to your home. You should have interest in a job before applying. If you don't aim for professional satisfaction, your employer may not be happy with you.

  • Don't behave as if you are desperate to get the job
  • Don't treat the lightly and casual
  • Don't chew gun during an interview or smell bad
  • Don't receive calls during an interview
  • Don't come to interview with a companion including your pet