If you are going for an interview, here are some of the acceptable manner of behavior that you should put up.

Dress properly for the interview: One thing that you should not joke with or overlook is your dressing. When you are going for an interview, it is important that you dress appropriately. Don't put on casual wear. Dress as if you are going to work. The best appropriate dressing to wear is a suit or corporate attire. Dressing properly is different putting on expensive dressing. Ensure that your clothes are neat and that you look neat yourself. Barb or do your hair properly. Ensure that you shave your bears so that you will look gentle and clean.

Know details about your interview: You should take time to study your interview invite. Take note of the venue, how long it will last and the time it will start. Find out the best way to get to the interview venue and ensure that you are there on time, at least 10 minutes before scheduled time

Greet employees or other people you meet

When you arrive at the interview venue, you will definitely meet some people. They may be other job applicants attending the same interview with you. They can also be employees of your prospective employer. You may even been talking with your employer or interviewer without knowing. So, it is necessary that you greet any people you meet before the interview. Be cheerful when greeting them and wear a good countenance. When you are greeted by any person, have a friendly expression and softly respond the greeting. However, remember that you are a job applicant and therefore, you should not be over too humorous or unnecessarily jovial. Be gentle and at the same time cheerful.

Don't sit down until you're offered a seat

When you are called in to be interview, enter the office or the interview room gently and quietly. You have to ensure that gait is very gently and maintain a good posture and be cheerful. However, when you entered the office, greet the interviewer or panel of interviewer and remain standing until you are offered a seat. It is not proper to sit down immediately without being shown the seat to sit down. The interviewer will definitely offer you a seat. Why you should not take a seat until you are offered one is that you don't know whether the seat you think is meant for you is prepared for another person. So, to avoid embarrassment, you should remain standing while maintaining a good eye contact with the interviewer or panel until you are offered a seat.

Don't panick or fidget

When you are offered a seat, you should try and sit still. You should not panic before your interviewer. It is an indication that you are not ready for the interview or that you will not be able to manage stress.

Be audible enough

When you are answering question from your interviewer, you should try to be audible enough so that your interview will not have strain the ears in order to hear what you are saying. 

Take note

During the interview, the interviewer may make some comments and remarks, you have to take note of the remarks and comments.

Write a thank you letter to the interview or prospective interviewer

At the end of the interview, it is important that you write a thank you letter to your prospective employer.