If you buy a new air conditioner system or you want to replace an old one, you must not hire a professional to do it for you. You can do that yourself if you have plumbing and electrical experience. Though, its brand of air conditioner is unique, the basic installation principles are almost the same.

Below are the steps to follow when installing or replacing an old air con.

Choose Where to Mount the Air Conditioner

The first step in the installation of a new air conditioner system is the selection of the right location. There are certain things that you should consider in order to choose the right location to install your air con.

·         Do not choose a location closer to heat source or where the system will be exposed to sunlight.

·         Choose a location where there will be minimal possibility of gas leak.

·         You should mount the air con 7 meters above the ground and 1m or 3.3 feet away from power, antenna or power connecting lines.

Fix the Mounting Plate on the Interior Wall

You have to be careful when mounting the plate. You should make sure that the plate is square both in horizontal and vertical level. Drill the holes where to fix the plate and then mount the plate fixing it with tapping screws.

Do the Electrical Connection

The electrical connection is an important step in the installation of an air conditioner system. You have to be very careful when doing the electrical. Remove cover of the front panel of the unit after lifting it. Connect the cable wires properly to the screw terminal. You have to also ensure that they fit the system’s diagram.

The Connection of the Pipes

Drill a hole via the wall and then run the pipes from the unit inside through the hole. You should ensure that the pipe does not bend for better performance. The length of the PVC pipe should not be as long as the length of interior and exterior surfaces of the wall. The PVC pipe length should be 6mm shorter. Insert the pipe via the hole you drilled on the wall after placing the pipe cap on the interior PVC pipe end. Use an electrical tape to bind the copper pipes, drain pipe and power cables together. The drain pipe should be placed on the bottom so that water will flow freely.

·         Tighten the connection with 2 wrenches and then secure the pipe to the unit inside. Join the indoor unit’s base and the water drainage pipe together.

·         Now pass the cables and bound pipes via the hole in the wall

·         You are done with the installation of your air conditioner system after securing the indoor unit to the mounting plate.