A fireplace is a must a must device for people in colder region or places that experience snow fall or heavy cold weather during a particular period of the year. For those that experience the winter season, it is a time that most people don't like because of the cold associated with it. If you are living in such area you need to install a fireplace in order to keep your home warmth during the cold period. Fireplace is a device that produces heat and circulate it within a defined space in order to keep it warm. Basically, there are three types of fireplace, namely, the wood (traditional fireplace) fireplace, electric fireplace and gas fireplace. The major difference between these types of fireplaces is their source of energy. Each of these types of fireplaces has its advantages as well as downside. 


Wood fireplace

As implicit from the name, this is a type of fireplace that uses burning wood log to generate heat. It is the tradition or conventional type of fireplace. It is the first fireplace to be introduced before other ones were developed. A special place is built for the fireplace with chimney for the escape of smoke generated as the wood logs are burning. This fireplace place does not cost much money to be run given the fact that it is less expensive to purchase wood logs than gas or electricity. People living in bushy areas may even get wood logs free of charge. It also generates enough heat to keep a living spaces warmth during cold weather. The disadvantage of this type of fireplace is that it produces smoke which will pollute the indoor air. Besides, there is the probability of fireplace outbreak. It is also not environmental friendly. The use of wood log in generating heat does not just release carbon substances to the atmosphere, it also leads to deforestation thus exposing wildlife to danger and also exposing man to scorching heat of the sun. It also comes with less feature.


Gas fireplace

As implicit from the name, this is a type of fireplace that uses burning gas to generate heat. With this type of fireplace, you will be able to keep your living spaces warmth during cold weather. However, the problem is that it can also lead carbon emission into the atmosphere. It is therefore not eco-friendly as the gas emitted into the atmosphere help in depleting the ozone which protects us from the scorching  ultraviolet rays from the sun. Just as the case with wood log fireplace, it may have chimney where smoke generated escapes from. Though, it does not generate much smoke as traditional fireplace, it still generates certain amount of smoke which can foul the indoor air. On the positive side, it is quick in generating heat during cold weather.


Electric fireplace

This type of fireplace is more contemporary than any other types of fireplace. It uses electricity to generate heat. Today, there are more energy efficient electric fireplaces in the market. These fireplaces do not consume much power and may not lead to hike in energy bill. One of the major advantages of these type of fireplace is that they have sleek appearance and thus can be installed for aesthetic reasons. Secondly, they feel cool to the touch even when they are generating heat making it suitable for family that have children and pets. Some models are created to serve two purposes, TV stand as well as storage for home entertainment centre and heat generation. So, it is a good option for people that have limited space in their home. It is available in various types. Some are wall mount while others are designed to be placed at wall corners or on the wall. There are also electric fireplace insert that is meant to be install in places created for tradition fireplace.


Most models of electric fireplaces do not require any assembling or installation. All you have to do is to bring it out from the pack and then plug it into an electric fireplace and it will start generating heat. Secondly, they come more features especially convenience features than other types of electric fireplace. Most of them have remote controls to enable you determine level heat you want or how you will want it to function. There are some that can be used with or without flames meaning that you can use them throughout the year either for heat generation or for aesthetic purposes. 


Now that you have known the features of various types of fireplace, you can choose the type that will meet your demand.