A perfume refers to a sweet smelling liquid made from essential oils obtained from spices, woods and flowers, apply on the body in order to give it a pleasant scent or smell. It can also be applied on clothes. Perfumes are different from colognes even though they are very closely related. Cologne refers to scented oil or water made for men. What cologne is for men, perfume is for women. There are different kinds of cologne and perfumes.

Eau de cologne

If you want to buy a cologne or a perfume, you will notice where it is indicated the type of cologne it is. Eau de cologne is a type of cologne or perfume that contains 3 to 5 percent oil in mixture of water and alcohol. It contains more of citrus oil and it is refreshing and lighter than other types perfume and colognes.

Eau de toilette

Unlike eau de cologne, the oil content of this type of cologne or perfume is higher than that of eau de cologne or eau de perfume. Its liquid has about 4 to 8 percent oil content. The mixture does not contain any water as it is the case with eau de cologne.

Eau de parfum

This is another type of sweet fragrance. As implicit from the name, this type of sweet fragrance has a higher percent of perfume than the other two mentioned above. It does not contain water. The mixture contains about 15 to 18 percent perfume. The rest is alcohol. Eau de parfum is sold at a higher price than eau de toilette and eau de cologne.


Perfume is another type of sweet fragrance but it has higher percentage of scented oil. It does not contain any water. The liquid has 15 to 30 percent scented oil and the rest of the content is alcohol. Owing to its high perfume concentration, it highly expensive and more costly than the other types of scented fragrance.

Each type of cologne has three different kinds of notes. The note of a perfume or cologne refers to the odoriferous element in it. There are three different notes in each cologne or perfume. The first note is known as the top note, the second note is called the middle note while the last note is the base note. The smell of the base is the scent you perceive when you squirt a perfume and it is the most enduring note. The top note is the first scent that you will perceive when you apply a perfume on your body. It dissipates quickly. The second scent comes from the middle note. It is not enduring as the base note and does not dissipate as quickly as the top note.