It is not unknown to us that family and surroundings both are important influences on personality development. We can not avoid the influence of genes on personality because it is built within us but we can try to overcome some genetic influences on our personality by our environment. How our genes effect our personality is a complex process and in most cases our inherent personality can be seen from early childhood. On the other hand, environment influence our personality slowly and its effect on our personality can be seen later in life.


Family plays the most important role on personality development in everyone’s life. Our family is the place where we grow up and learn the basic things about life. This is the institution that influences us the most. Early childhood is immensely vital for personality development and since our childhood is mainly comprises of our parents and siblings, most of our personality is the result of their influences. We see that a person becomes more caring if s/he is the elder child of their parents as from early age that person is used to taking care of his/her younger siblings. On the contrary the young child is usually more daring and care free because usually in the family the younger children are given more freedom than elder ones. It may seem injustice for the older children but in many cases this true.


Our peers also influence us on personality development. We always see that people of same personality usually becomes a cluster in any social gathering. The social ones are always the highlight of the evening and there are some who just sit in the corner and gossip. Though  that is not always true that people become friends with the people of similar personality . People of different personality can also be friends and influence each other. For example, if you start a new job and see that all of your colleagues hang out after work then you will discover that in spite of your reserve personality you start going out with them eventually. The outgoing nature of your peers influence you nature to some extent. Here, though your entire personality is not changing but it will not be the same because even after you leave the job you might still want to go out after work out of the habit and that is a change in personality.


Our environment is another important influence on our personality development. It may be our family environment, socio-economic condition of our country or just the area we live in. If you had a hostile family environment when you were a child then it is most likely that you will have traits like aggressiveness and anti-social behavior. Those of you who were brought up in sub-urban area will always have a tendency to live in an open place. Though living in cities make it impossibly costly to have a huge place of your own but that does not mean your love of open places fades away. Another huge factor that influences on our personality development is the culture we live in. The differences between western and eastern countries are crystal clear and most of the differences are in their cultures and as a result we can see huge personality differences between the people of the eastern and western world. We see that immigrants maintaining their cultures even if they are living most of their lives abroad because it comes from within. Our culture can not be removed from our life easily. Sub-consciously we always try to keep in close touch with our culture which is evident from the lifestyle of immigrants.


Now-a-days a new factor which is influencing our personality is media. We are living in an era of globalization and internet has made it much easier. As a result the transfer of culture is happening at a fast pace. Asian countries are watching Hollywood movies, TV serials and Hollywood is playing Bollywood songs in their movies! So the exchange is happening at both ends. As a result children of today are becoming more versatile. But with positives there are also some drawbacks of media influences. Many become totally detached from their own culture and as a result suffer from a definite personality. Parents should always supervise what their children are watching on television or what they are browsing on internet so that they are not exposed to inappropriate things.


In the end what can be said about factors that influence on personality development is that they are not definite and the proportion to what they persuade personality also differs but family remains the most important factor no matter what. So, try to provide your children a better environment to grow up in order to become a better person.

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