It shows how you’ve managed so far to put your qualifications to the test in the real world. There are many people who finished schools with big names, and tradition, but who do not exhibit any kind of working skills. This is the importance of work experience in resume. Without it an employer can’t be sure of the skills you posses. There are a lot of cases of these kinds of people who seem to have extremely impressive resumes, with lots of trainings and workshops completed, and who seem to be the perfect employee but who in real life have no kind of applied skills. And don’t forget that there are a lot of employers, especially in the IT industry, who don’t really care about the education you have received; the only thing that really matters to them is that you know how to do the job. That’s why, for these job’s the most important thing is to do well on the test they usually give you. This test is much more important than all the schools, seminaries, trainings, and workshops you have listed in your resume.


In other words, it’s not about the diplomas or skills you theoretically posses, but about the applied practical skills you can exhibit. And in a resume the only way you can do that is thru the work experience you have. Of course the big problem is what to do if you have no work experience. Well this is one of the key factors that people tend not to pay much attention to. Work experience doesn’t necessarily mean getting a job. You can get an edge over everybody else by applying for internships while still in college. Waiting to finish your studies before getting hands on experience is a big mistake unless you are looking for a career in teaching at a college level, in which case a thorough theoretical training is very important. The importance of work experience in resume can be put to the test in any interview. The first thing an employer looks at is the work experience. Education is extremely important as well but if it comes down to it, most employers would choose work experience over education any day.


Of course, you should structure your resume in such a way as to show of your strongest points, but you can never get around the fact that work experience is the most important paragraph of the resume, and it should be the first the employer sees. A good resume has to be very easy to read. Don’t give to many details about the places you worked, just the basics, like where, for how long and in what capacity did you work. It is important to be succinct and to the point in the work experience section of the resume. If you have had a lot of jobs, and the work experience section of he resume seems to be to long and stuffy, leave out the non-relevant information, and focus attention on what you think can give you the edge over other candidates. On the other hand, if you don’t have any kind of working experience, remember that anything is better than leaving a blank at the work experience section. If you leave this section blank, most employees won’t take a second look at your resume. That is the importance of work experience in resume. So, try to put anything you can think of, from all sorts of extracurricular activities, to any volunteer program you participated in, workshops and so on. Employers always like to see somebody who does more than just go to school, someone who takes active interest in the things he or she is passionate about. 


So, the importance of work experience in resume can’t be underrated, if you really want the job. There are many tricks that can make your resume stand out in a crowd. As well, you can find a lot of ways to embellish your work experience in a resume without actually having had a lot of jobs. Moreover it is crucial that you learn beforehand what the employer is looking for, so that you can shape your resume to his specific needs. A big mistake is making a standard resume that you send out to as many companies as you can. A much better approach is to concentrate on one, two maybe three jobs and tailor make your resumes, for those specific jobs. Work experience is demanded on most jobs, so it is very hard to get your first one, but remember that you should never settle, and always look for a better job. Having an impressive resume is the key in aching this goal.