No one would ever understand the importance of recreation till the time they experience the values and benefits of it on their own. It is more of a fun embodied in the form of activities to refresh ones body and mind. While type of recreation varies from individual to individual, spending time in something that rock your senses is an experience in itself. The forms of recreation include from simplest of listening to music to the likes of parachuting or bungee jumping. Excess of recreation is called escapism and is something that distract you from your main purpose and affects your time too. A well blended mixture of work and recreation is excellent recipe that keeps you going on the path to success.


The Values and Benefits of Recreation for professionals are numerous. The charm lies in looking out something that’s works out best for you. There are different types of recreation and what value and benefit you derive from it depends upon your proactiveness to try them out and incorporate them as part of working routine. Let’s talk about 10 values and benefits that work out best and should encourage you to take recreational activities from time to time


1) Helps You Relax – Recreational activities help you relax and give soothing effect to your nerves. It helps you release the tension and maintain equilibrium. It is one of the best relaxation techniques to help you get back to work in full form.


2) Reduces Stress– Are you feeling stress lately. Do late hours sucks out the best in you. If tension is taking its toll on you then recreation activities are best for you.


3) Impacts Your Health– Recreational activities have a very good impact on your health. It is an excellent medicine for ailments which cannot be cured by any other manner. It is a natural way to stay fit and healthy in life.


4) Social Benefits- It helps you meet like minded people and develop a favorable rapport. People who share common interest makes a joyful group that help each other to promote themselves. Importance of recreation gets reflected in the status you build for yourself.


5) Refresh the Senses- Feeling dumb? Recreation is the important and best activity to refresh you senses and prepare you for the next battle. It rejuvenates your senses and makes you feel light again.

6) Refills the Energy– Recreation activities are best mechanism to refill your energy and make you feel alive again. It is best way to charge you up when you feel exhausted and drained out.


7) Quality of Life- Recreational activities help you build self esteem and confidence. It helps you enhance the quality of life by building a positive self image.


8) Effective Time Utilization- When your body is at the best of its form both in terms of health and energy, recreational activities helps you utilize your time effectively. The effort you put in a certain task is way below what you could have possibly put without any recreational activity.


9) Sharpen Skills- The value and benefit of recreational activities is best seen in the form of skills that gets developed and sharpened over the period of time. You not only are inclined to learn more things but are also motivated to be at your best.


10) New Avenues- It has happened to people and it can help you too. People who enjoy it to the best of its form have developed a career in one form or the other.


It is important for On-the- Go Professionals to maintain a balance in their life. The value and benefit of recreational activities is important in itself to help you shape up your life in the best form. In coming series I would focus on Types of Recreation and how employees or professional can make best use of it based on availability of their time.


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