Importance Of Parents Blessing For Marriage

In today’s fast paced life, the importance of parent’s blessing for marriage is often undermined. Children are of the opinion that choosing a partner for life is their birth right and they can choose whomever they want. Not only this, they also feel that seeking permission for marriage is useless as it is they who are going to live with the prospective groom or bride. Let us see why there is so much importance attached to seeking parent’s willingness in few parts of the world.


Fulfilling Their Dreams

Every parent is not only happy at the birth of his or her child but shares happiness with everyone possible. With immense love and care, parents tend to put forth, everything that they have or will have in their future for the well being of their children. They not only look after every possible need of their children but also try to fulfill their wishes and demands. After doing so much for the children, the least that every parent would want is to at least have some say in the important matters in their children’s lives. These matters could be the kind of education, job, marriage etc. The importance of parent’s blessing for marriage often comes into the picture when children get married without the consent of their parents or do not even bother to inform that they are getting married. As their children, it is our moral duty to seek our parent’s blessing as they are the ones who always think of our good and benefits. Yes!! There are certain situations where seeking the blessing of your parents or elders can spell doom or mean death to either you or your partner. In such circumstances too, we advise you to inform them of your decision in a way without revealing your whereabouts.


Ensuring Traditions Are Followed

No matter how much we shoe our disregards, traditions have their own significance in our life and religion. They were formed centuries ago to ensure purity in our religious proceedings. These traditions have been followed from centuries as well and are known to seek blessing from the gods, departed souls, nature, and elders etc. to bring success to the religious ceremony. Being more experienced and worldly wise, parents often have such knowledge. The importance of parent’s blessing for marriage often arises when we are getting married. They not only bless our marriage with all the love and affection but also tend to see the arrangements. No parent on earth would want that the marriage of their children should break up and hence, they make certain that all the religious ceremonies are in accordance to the religion and are followed well to guarantee the longevity of the marriage.


Parental Support Is A Must

After marriage, when all the festivities are over, it is the time for the reality check to begin with. This is the time when one discovers the true nature of their spouse. Also, the responsibility of having a spouse and the fact that you have to manage everything on your own can be a little daunting in the beginning. Initially, every marriage is nice and beautiful. But after a while, one may experience small daily fights or even misunderstandings. In such occurrences, one may get distressed or even emotionally hurt. In case of any untoward incident like problems in the marriage or compatibility issues etc., one can turn only to their parents to seek support. These issues cannot be spoken to outsiders and need to be only discussed with ones parents. They are the ones who can properly guide us as to what to do and how to tackle the situation. If one realizes the importance of parent’s blessing for marriage, they would easily tide over such minor issues in their marriage by simply asking for solution from the parents. Parental help and guidance is a must to ensure not only the smooth running of your newly found household but also a happy and prosperous marital life.


We all must agree on one issue that after marriage, it is the bride and the groom who are going to spend their lives together. But the importance of parent’s blessing for marriage becomes sacrosanct as they are the only persons in the whole world who would want their children’s well being and happiness without wanting anything in return. They are the selfless people who bless you with a heart devoid of any ill feelings or malice, no matter whatever behavior you have subjected them to, earlier.

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  1. I submit there are exceptions. My friend was emotionally abused as a child. She did not obtain her parents’ consent to her wedding. She didn’t even tell them she was getting married, because they would have attended the ceremony, caused a scene, and told her how worthless she was and how she would never amount to anything, in front of everyone. The article is all right for most families, but if the parents themselves have issues, this should be taken on a case-to-case basis. If the couple is of legal age, parental blessings are nice to have, but not necessary.

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