Work is the most important force that spells the success of any workplace in the world. However, motivation is the key to getting it done. Importance of motivation in a workplace helps the workers charge up their batteries, focus their attention on work a lot better than before and give results that are par excellence. For this one should know the art of motivating the staff working under him to get what he wants out of them.


Not only does this ensure that staff gets the work done in time, but also high quality work and conducive work environment that employees so long for. It takes a good team leader to motivate or inspire a team work hard and give the best of results that add to the success of the team. However, it takes a lot to be a successful team leader. One requires special qualities for that, which includes understanding requirements of the team that one is working for and being able to communicate properly with the team members. 


As far as interacting with the team members is concerned, a team leader should know whether his team likes the work that they are doing or not. This may seem far-fetched, but it actually works. Take, for instance, the case of John. Just a few months ago he was made the team leader of a sales team in his company. Sales had been pretty marginal when he took over and he was faced with the challenge of how to make his team give better results than before.


He decided to do so by interacting with them at a personal level, asking them questions about their work and family and often dropping a complement about their working style, while also giving polite advice about how to improve it further. It worked like magic and the sales improved in virtually no time at all. The next most important trait that a team leader should have to motivate his team is his ability to listen to what his team members say.


Listening sympathetically to the members of the team that one is leading, is as important as speaking to them. This often helps one get the desired results, as the employees feel appreciated and work harder than ever. Dropping a word of appreciation every now and then about the creativity of the employees, their ideas and hard work, can motivate the staff like nothing else can. This is because everyone likes to be praised for the work that they do. Now let us take the case of Jane.


She is on cloud nine today because today her boss realized how creative and hard working she is and praised her publicly for all her efforts. However, despite all this one should be appreciative and friendly in one’s approach towards his team members, but being overfriendly can be suicidal. This is because overfriendliness can often end up in one being labelled as biased or partial, an allegation which may be quite hard to disprove.


An effective team leader should know which information to share and which one to withhold from the team members. Effective communication ensures that all employees regularly keep in touch with each other. This enables an organization to sail irrespective of what comes its way.  

Nancy is the perfect example of a team leader, who knows how to motivate her counterparts. People love working with her and seldom are their any complaints about her being domineering or overbearing. The reason for this is that Nancy knows what to say to whom and exactly when to say what. And for your information, Nancy is not employed with any corporate, but is a domestic help in a well placed family.


Small incentives as a chocolate bar, a pen or sweets apart from words of praise given every now and then as a reward for good work motivates team mates like nothing else can. Neeta’s team leader Mary looks like an overbearing person and a hard task master. However, when it comes to motivating her team members, Mary knows just what actually her team mates need to perk them up.


While workers, who are slow at work, often have to face her questions, those who perform well on a project get lavished with small gifts and mementoes. A team leader can foster healthy competition within the team. This not only makes the work more interesting, but also ensures good results.


Allowing teammates to have a little fun and enjoy motivates the workers like nothing else can. This helps them to unwind and charge up their batteries by fooling around a little bit. Importance of motivation in a workplace has to be realized by every team leader if he wants to help his team emerge successful.


Article by Mukesh


Picture by Rickenbacker

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