Family is like a nervous system and family members are its vein and arteries. It’s a system where extended members like one’s parents, children, children’s spouses and their offspring, etc. live together. But, unfortunately, social values and joint family culture is deteriorating due to fashion of modern nuclear family system. In ultra-modern society, one should not forget the importance of having a joint family or a support system.


Grip On Ethics

Joint family strongly supports some beliefs and traditions passing from hundreds of years. They teach us the sense of bonding with each other. Make us learn ample of things which one cannot able to understand in isolation. For e.g., behavior with close, distant and unknown persons, manners like greeting, sign of respect, doing things with elder’s prior permission etc. which makes a person civilized. These little things have been start nurturing since the birth of a child. It makes a better and worth living man up to the standard of society.


Discipline Maintenance

The joint family system follows a set pattern. It works like a tree where stem is the main part maintaining the balance on itself and connecting as well as supplying food and other nutrition to the branches. In a joint family, the ‘karta’ or the oldest person is the head of the family and other persons are guided by him under any situations. It maintains a proper discipline in the family. Disputes will be directly resolved by the head along with the consultation of other members. It works out as an amicable resolution. Discipline includes rules within the family such as follow fix timings of returning back, managing the food timings etc.


Present nuclear family thrives with problems. Both parents are working; don’t have time to mind the habits of kids in turn, kids are de-railing their life style. The importance of having a joint family or a support system is needed to teach them.


Mutual Love And Respect

Joint family maintains a proper form of discipline as above discussed. But, it should not be misunderstood. Though, decisions are taken by the family head after taking care of the well-being of every unit of family. Mutual love and respect is not crushed in any way. Joint family is a symbol of depicting love. One wounded person gets support of many. Children learn good habits which is hardly a sign in nuclear families. It builds respect, affection and generates understanding over family values. 


Open Conversation

Joint family gives a platform and creates a connected environment where one can express the way he or she feels. It doesn’t mean that joint family accepts every free will.


Members just try to view the pros and cons of a particular aspect and suggest the best. Family gives a guidance which is must in the present stressed out environment where one is afraid to trust even the close ones. Joint family guarantees you confidentiality and respect over any view suggested. Family members don’t judge rather try to make you correct at a particular point. It reduces the communication gap and builds a lively atmosphere in a lonely and cumbersome life.


Simultaneously, nuclear system lacks at all the fronts. Person becomes a freaking out moron, left with nothing and wanders here and there in search of mental peace. Hence, it’s better to understand importance of having a joint family or a support system.


Accept As Who You Are

Family members are modest enough to forget past mistakes and accept whole heartedly. They don’t judge on shortcomings rather try to improve on the lacking points. Joint family members always keep their arms spread and ready to receive with due care. Joint family system focus on realistic expectations keeping you motivated to help yourself. Helps in standing on own feet. People undermine the importance of having a joint family or a support system and take it as a nonsense and clutter. They find it undue interference in freedom. But, this attitude will make them fall down with empty hands and nothing except disappointment and discontentment.


With a joint family tag, person gets due recognition and respect everywhere. Joint family is in essence follows the principle of union in strength. Don’t underestimate the significance of joint family. Try to appreciate its qualities otherwise, ready to be a prey of selfish creatures in modern cut-throat society. Don’t live alone in a disassociated and scattered nuclear family and try to appreciate and follow the importance of having a joint family or a support system.