Family is where from we grow and learn each and everything and this is where we learn the importance of family values in our life. Every kid turned out to be a good person is from the basic concept of family and the value given to it. The moment a child comes to this merciless world, it is protected by family (barring few unfortunate ones). Mother, father, uncles and aunts, and grandparents; everybody comes under one family structure. We cannot even imagine a life without our family. Giving importance to family values helps in enhancing our character and turning out to be good human being.


Family Gives Us Its Name:

When a child is born, he has no name, no language. Family of the child gives a name to the kid. From then on he is called by that name and with that family name. Family teaches the child the way of talking and how to express their feelings in a particular language. This also makes him learn the importance of family values in our life.

It Gives Us The Support Whenever We Need:

Whatever we do we have a family to rely on. If it is good they take part in it. We do something bad; family punishes us for doing it. But in the end it supports us from any other person outside the family pointing at us for that bad done by us.

These two values which family gives to an individual are very important in his life. This also teaches the individual how to project himself to the next younger generation. Because he thinks that he also has to give that name which was protected by his ancestors to his heirs. He thinks that he has to support to his younger when they needed him (It is stressed on the word support because some people do not support their kids or spouse or parents. They are so stone hearted that they do not even care for what situation their family members are going through). The essence of emotional support gives the importance of family values in our life.


Customs And Traditions:

Another value which family gives us is customs and traditions. This form important part and reflect importance of family values in our life. These customs and traditions are put in the family so that everybody in the family leads a disciplined and organized life. Without these two a person’s life is like that of a ship sailing in the river without any defined speed.



There are live examples in U.S. where in couples got divorced for some reason or other and the whole generation even its precedents got influenced with this and finally stayed alone without any family. Family means different persons with different mentalities living together in unity and with love and affection. There will be minor tiffs, love and affection. But there is no scope for hatred or revenge.


In Indian myth there is a story which is generally told to kids. And that goes like this, “once it so happened that a king of some kingdom went to survey his kingdom; to see whether all his people were happy in his reign or not. He passed a family which was the family of one of the policemen. There he saw a parrot. It was just scolding everybody passing by. The king saw this astonishingly and went away. Afterwards he happened to pass a family of a scholar. The parrot was speaking very sweetly and even uttering some verses of Vedas. The king was astonished all the more. He urgently went to his minister’s house to tell this very weird scene. Then the minister told to the king that the first one was from a family which speaks ill to everybody and the latter one was from a family which speaks well to everyone. That is the significance a family sets even to a parrot living with them.” Some of examples that highlight importance of family values in our life.

Gist:The character which a person builds is influenced by many things; which include, family primarily, his friends, socio-economic conditions and outside world and even the person’s discretion from good or bad. But family influences are more significant and reflect importance of family values in our life. Setting out family importance and its values to the present younger generation will make the strong and good family and a good nation.



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